Sony Readying 80 PlayStation Vita Kiosks for Tokyo Game Show

Sony Computer Entertainment is giving PlayStation Vita a huge push in its first public Japanese debut at the Tokyo Game Show. The company already said that it will have 31 playable Vita games in its booth. Today, CEO Hiroshi Kawano revealed at the Vita community blog that the booth will have over 80 Vita units available for sampling all those games.

The actual number of Vita games that will be on display is actually higher than the 31 playable titles. When you add in video-only games, the figure jumps up to around 40, Kawano said.

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Protagonist2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

31 playable Vita games ? wow !!

Wish I could be there.

MasterCornholio2604d ago

And one to Spain for me

LOL cant wait till the Vita is out here.