Built-in Kinect for new Xbox would lead to more "intelligent" games - Epic

OXM UK: "Developers would be able to craft better Kinect games if the functionality were built right into Microsoft's next Xbox console, reckons Epic Games senior technical artist and designer Alan Willard."

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iamnsuperman2630d ago

I can see what he means. Basically the next xbox needs to come with it at launch to make developers more inclined to use it. Instead of 10 million you have much more. Its still needs to be a camera that can mount on a tv just for practically sake.

Bigpappy2630d ago

I don't think it will ever be built in due to your point of practicality of placement. It will not be phisically built in, but it must be included with every Xbox. So in that since it must be built into the price of the next Xbox so that would obviously be a factor in pricing the Xbox. So they now need to reduce the cost of making Kinect to keep the next xbox price attractive.

Jam_sponge2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Makes you wonder what Epic's building, that they've got such an interest in Kinect's fortunes.

Narutone662630d ago

If Kinect in built into the new xbox, the footprint of the console will have to be a lot bigger. If not, it will only lead to more problem with the thermal dissipation.

MintBerryCrunch2630d ago

pretty much what i was thinking, unless they can slim down the kinect since technological limitations at the time won't be there anymore due to advancements

MoreRPG2630d ago

Kinect is a good idea but Microsoft needs to work on the lag

kikizoo2629d ago

good idea to "built in" ? perhaps...

sony 's move is way better for gamers/real games, and they'll probably "built in", or "include with" the next playstation (even better if the hardware is a new ps eye/kinect, etc)

Ulf2630d ago

Like.. how many more? 2? 3?

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