Thumbs down: Gamers 'dislike' MW3 multiplayer video

YouTube visitors aren't keen on Modern Warfare.

Update: The original was a leak and they have re-released the video.

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iamnsuperman2630d ago

exactly less than 2,000 have voted. How can a story be made from this. COD sells millions. 2,000 people disliking not much of a proportion.

Buzz7S2630d ago

It's because CVG saw an opportunity to get a bit of traffic with a MW3 story. It's sad that the one article they choose to publish, is around a video which has been removed.

2630d ago
Pixel_Pusher2630d ago

It's news worthy because after getting a ton of down votes they removed the video from the COD channel.

insecure much Activision? ha!

Sarcasm2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Yeah what's all this business about people not liking it? I'm ready for the MW2 Map Pack.

DarkTower8052630d ago

If as many BF3 fanboys are trolling a MW3 video like they troll MW3 N4G articles, this totally makes sense.

ChrisW2629d ago

I swear the MP footage in MW3 looks exactly like the footage from BlackOps...

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Celeras2630d ago

2,000 within an hour or two of the video going live, and a 1:5 like/dislike ratio. That's the story, not the number of votes.

And of course it will sell millions. Just like iPhones. Just like the Wii. Casual streamlined garbage is the opium of the masses. That doesn't mean its not terrible, or that it doesn't deserve every ounce of criticism it gets for being the same repetitive remake in a new box for a premium price.

Septic2630d ago

Well said Celeras.

In any case- I understand the dislikes for it. THey actually showcased quick-scoping like it was a good thing at the end of the trailer. I mean wtf??

Proof, if you ever needed it, that they are catering for the kiddies on this.

iamnsuperman2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Well that is a spin. 2,000 isn't enough to warrant a story. The ration means nothing if the amount of people is small.

Lets take a look at Cher Lloyd Swagger Jagger song

A lot of dislikes to likes which is more relevant than this COD story as it has many more votes but is it news worthy. No. She still made it to number one. Was there stories about her saying a lot dislike on youtube. No. Its like doing a news story on the amount of anti COD comments on this site. It is irrelevant. It means little. Just because the ratio is big doesn't make it news worthy when the votes are low

Celeras2630d ago

The vote total was only low because the video was released earlier in the day. And apparently it was enough of a 'story' for them to pull the video completely off youtube for some lame attempt at damage control.

JustinSaneV22630d ago

The "official" trailer video says a completely different story on likes/dislikes:

FlameBaitGod2630d ago

They have a pending approval on the comments lol xD

nanometric2629d ago

Wth, about 14k thumb ratings and only 304 views :/

Dlacy13g2630d ago

This is just a case of shit journalism. This article claims 78% of Youtube doesn't like MW3 ? Really cause I found a ton of MW3 videos that show quite a different picture on the like / dislike side of things. This author straight up didn't do his research and based a broad statement on one video? Hello?!?!? McFly...Youtube has many videos [email protected] and I think your tainted video article would read very differently if you bothered to do any real work.

CVG just lost a lot of credibility in my eyes. This feels like a full on fanboy written article more than real journalism.

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Gray-Fox-Type02630d ago

Its cool hating on number 1 popular game. News flash people enjoy it for its fast paced nature they dont care about graphics it will sell 8 millionin 24 hours and next cod whole process will repeat , when the haters will be complaining about mw3 after they brought it lol

Dee_912629d ago

I agree i never said it was a bad game its just a ripoff lol
i like madden but they are ripoffs
releasing basically the same game every year .

if your releasing a game yearly you should bump atleast $20 off

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Hands Up For Games2630d ago

Of course its been disliked.

Dont they realise its 'cool' to hate Call of Duty?

iamnsuperman2630d ago

I think that is one thing this generation which saddens me. Its ok not to like a game and not buy it (leave it there) but to actually hate on the game has gotten ridiculous. I know this COD hate is limited to sites like this as the rest really do not care but still. I thought the average gaming age was like 30 not 10

troncoparati2630d ago

Everyone hates the game but still buys it...

Dee_912629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

i actually express my hate for the game so much because i like it
i dont want people to support them because i want them to realize that we dont want the same thing over and over but to actually improve
and actually use some of that money to make a new engine and mo cap some new animaations becuase im tired of those 2007 animations :)

thrasherv32630d ago

Really sad, ain't it? It was first "cool" to play CoD4 so everyone who has no brain bought MW2. Now that CoD isn't in with the "cool kids" everyone hates on it. Some really need to play a game they truly want to play. Not because some dood down the street is playing it.

Geralt2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

It's cool to like and play it until it gets immensely popular.

Then it sucks and you've always hated it... but you still buy it, play hundreds of hours and it somehow still sucks.

Ricardoportillo042630d ago

i don't hate it because it doesn't say CoD any more or anyone for that matter....i hate it because i feel like im getting the same game in a different package -_-

gamesmaster2630d ago

i dont hate CoD att all, maybe im just bored of it. I dont like how people assume that if you enjoy battlefield you now dispise CoD. certainly not, i had many good times in CoD games, im just ready for something new.

Bonobo123452630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Welcome to the world of hipster gamers.

I had a great time on MW2, but since the abysmal failure that was Blackops :/ I have opted to get my FPS kicks from DICE this year.
After all I will be eternally grateful to them for giving me Mirrors Edge.

If MW3 turns out good I will buy and play it, after all it was fun (on MW2) just to show teh kidz how you play an FPS and I always had fun showing off to my friends how I could own like 85% of the COD population every time, LOLZ.

(I am aware that cod gives you the impression that you are better than you actually are, didn't notice? well watch newbies play cod for a while and you will notice a change in their ego)

These things won't stop me enjoying a good cod session, but my interest diminishes quickly these days, and I find myself wanting a little more depth from my online experiences.

I believe this is a valid reason, just don't ask me about black ops..........

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Istanbull2630d ago

Is this NEWS? Oh my fukking god what has this site turned into.

DeadIIIRed2630d ago

At least its not being flooded with blog and forum posts like it used to

Clarence2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Yeah, but it's more cool to like COD. MW is the same rehashed game every year. Activision has not changed anything except the boards, and perks.

Ser2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Sorry, but I was disliking CoD before it was cool.

I've been on the Battlefield bandwagon since 1942 on PC. I'm part of the group that built the bandwagon.

Blacktric2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Want a golden trophy for all the things you've done for the community? Jesus Christ...

Ser2629d ago


Stick and stones, buddy. I couldn't care less about your silly quips.

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dark-hollow2630d ago

Too bad the video has been removed before I was able to watch it ):

PhoenixDevil2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

There you go, bout the only link thats working I can find

I'm mixed about it, a lot of the stuff I see intrigues me but I don't know if I want to spend the money and time on another CoD tho in ways the trailer reminds me of CoD4, little things like the red dot sights and environments seem like its come from CoD4 will have to wait and see

dark-hollow2630d ago

Thanks a lot mate! Bubbles+

That was....ugh... Not what expected!! I wanted to see the juggernaut armor in action!

Pacman3212630d ago

Thanks for the link man have some bubbles.
But ye i agree with dark-hollow, i expected to see some actual gameplay, but that just showed a guy running around in 3rd person.

PhoenixDevil2630d ago

@dark-hollow & Pacman321

Yh as the tittle of this article suggests people aren't liking it too much, trying to go for the epic action movie style or something, just gona have to wait to see if we see more or when it comes out

Clarence2630d ago

Right on. The trailer is cool, but it's more like a movie instead of a actual multiplayer game trailer. To much time is spent show the players actions in 3rd person, instead of showing him in 1st person.

This is how trailer should be. More focus on the gameplay. MW will sell more but BF3 will definitely be the better game.

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xf2630d ago

That thumb doesnt look pleased at all. :-)

fabiani2629d ago

look u dont know me.Stop with the bs just cuz i defend the new dante.yall ppl r rediculous lol.

SpitTake2630d ago

When I say the trailer i was like wow it like i'm in 2007 all over again