Free Radical: Why TimeSplitters 4 Never Happened

NowGamer: Members of Free Radical Design have told Play magazine why TimeSplitters 4 never saw light of day.

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Feckles2605d ago

Surely Crytek will keep the TimeSpliters franchise alive?

qwertyz2605d ago

yes they will. there where even rumors that its secretly in development for the nextbox thats to supposedly launch late next year.

its probably true because crytek has an inside track on the development of the nextbox(its not epic games this time like it was or 360)and if you haven't noticed crytek and MS have been getting VERY chummy as of late they are even developing a 360 eexclusibe called Ryse that allows controller or kinect gameplay

dangert122605d ago

chums dont pay each other off

badz1492605d ago

HAZE...that what's happened!

Legion2605d ago

Simple reason is because TimeSplitters was such a terrible game why make a part 4?

Game had the worst first person aim I have ever seen. Made the game just awful to play.

caseh2605d ago

I have to say the first thing that came to mind when I saw the title would be because TS 1, 2 and 3 were all shit.

Just my opinion of course but what a crappy franchise overall.

stevenhiggster2605d ago

@legion and caseh

Seriously? You guys must have been playing different games from everyone else!
The TimeSplitters games were amazing.

Legion2604d ago


You need to go back and play it again. The aim blows compared to Halo or any true FPS game.

zerocrossing2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

You're joking right? Timesplitters introduced the dual analogue stick control method, where you move the character with the left stick and the camera with the right stick, the Timesplitters franchise redefined how we play FPS games, even Halo implements it and we are still using the same control layout today! Minus auto aim, remember Tmesplitters came out before the industry started to cater to the incompetent.

caseh2605d ago

As it goes Alien Resurrection on PSX was the first to default to dual analog.

It was also slated for using this type of control scheme, oh the irony of it. :)

zerocrossing2605d ago


I actually played that game :/ honestly Im surprised I don't remember the dual analog layout lol, Oh well I stand corrected ;)

Legion2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

And TimeSplitters2 got it wrong. The reticle floated when moved and it truly took away from the game play. Any of the actual good FPS games will have the reticle locked in the center and you don't have to float your controls back to center to get a shot. That dead zone idea was just stupid.

And what was I shooting with my guns??? Little Square bullets???

hardandsloppy2605d ago

Bring on Timesplitters 4 already!!!

NiteX2605d ago

Timesplitters were THE FPS games to play last gen. There was nothing else better. Hating on TS is like hating on Goldeneye, and other unforgettable classic games.

caseh2605d ago

I guess from a console perspective it was, PC had already nailed it with Quake 2 and Half-Life which came about a few years before.

Thats probably why I look at the time splitters games with disgust. :)

Ocean2604d ago

Mmmmmm i had the original Timesplitters with my PS2...great game.

Anyone remember the Quake 2 game for PS1? i was amazed they were able to do what they did with that game