Hector: Badge of Carnage - Episode 2: Senseless Acts of Justice Review []

"Delivers the same brand of outlandish humor with a bit more variety and length, resulting in a slightly better experience than the first."

-David Gabriel

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Sleven2696d ago

I really want to play this game. But the only problem is that none of the game shops nearby bring such games. Second opting it Steam or online downloads for witch I dont have the type of credits it requires.

Daavpuke2696d ago

Steam has an option where you can use your bank account directly, called Direct Banking or something. You should look into it to see if your bank is affiliated with it. That should help. I think Seasons of Telltale games do come out in retail, but after long periods of time only.

Sleven2695d ago

It's more complicated. When you pay ecash you don't have to pay any other bank or transfer fees but with account pay those fees are eligible. And these fees are almost the same price I pay for the games.

_Aarix_2696d ago

You should put iphone in the tag since its on the app store.