1UP Review: Bodycount is Not a Complete Game

1UP - Bodycount is not a good game, but I'm not sure it's trying to be. I think it?s a prototype that somehow ended up on a retail shelf. The game seems like it's trying to prove that a few key gameplay systems could be used in a complete game down the road. That's really the only explanation for the game's existence that makes any sense to me, because it's missing several elements that we expect to have in a modern shooter.

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GSpartan7772630d ago

But but but, It's not call of duty, so it must be good.

Blaze9292630d ago

Yeah that demo was awful.

turgore2630d ago

it looked like ass from the first video I saw of it.

Kyosuke_Sanada2630d ago

Any FPS that has Circle button for the knife attack is looking to get flamed.