Player Progression in The Secret World Explained - AusGamers

AusGamers has posted an interview with The Secret World's Creative Director from Funcom, Ragnar Tørnquist, where he goes into detail about player progression in a game with no player levels.

"In a game without levels, you really need to feel “How do you progress as a character?”," he told AusGamers. "Well XP is one of them, of course you’re still getting XP. You’re killing things; you’re doing missions; you’re experiencing the world and you’re sort of exploring it and you have to gain something from that. So XP is used to buy powers."

The rest of the interview touches on PvE, PvP and whether or not they'll service APAC with Oceanic servers.

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Drazz2601d ago

Interesting, gonna give this a try.

StifflerK2601d ago

The registrations are open for the Beta. Found here -


Check it out , it sounds great! I've signed up for the Dragon faction!