Nintendo Need To Showcase The Wii U At TGS writes: If Nintendo don't showcase the Wii U at TGS they will not only miss the perfect opportunity to restore their public image after the 3DS debacle, but they will also run the risk of people giving up hope on what is still a rather mysterious product.

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dark-hollow2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

It sure needs to.
Many people still confused from the e3 revealing and still to this day people thinks that the controller IS the console!!!

They need to show the wii u true potential. No xbox360/ps3 gameplay videos from multiplats!!

hellerphant2630d ago

Exactly! I was there for the announcement (video was in the article) and I was gobsmacked. Not because Iw as impressed, because I wasn't exactly sure what they seemed so excited about!

jacksheen00002630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

I agree with this article. Nintendo need to showcase the Wii U at the TGS or they will miss the perfect opportunity to restore their public image after the 3DS debacle.

However,though, I personally think the Wii U is going to be a different story in terms of being a successful hardcore gaming console.

In addition, the 3DS as well as every other system nintendo has ever created was never designed to attract core gamers. So, it would be quite interesting to see how all this is going to play out since its Nintendo first step in to the hardcore gaming industry.

For another, I think Nintendo is lacking on the Game developer side simply because Nintendo AAA titles is not enough to drive the Wii U to success. That said, Nintendo need to create new IPs that will appeal to a huge core gaming audience.
And, I think it time that Nintendo wake up and smell the coffee and realize that a gaming console/handheld is nothing with good titles.

jacksonmichael2630d ago

But... but... but... Nintendo has been confirmed to not be attending TGS...

Venox20082630d ago

but..but..but.. they'll have their own show on September 17 I think :)

jacen1002630d ago

september 13th there show is

axisofweevils2629d ago

As the pre-TGS show is called "Nintendo 3DS Conference", its pretty unlikely we'll get any info on the Wii U.

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