Nintendo warns of Wii shortages

A chronic shortage of Nintendo's popular Wii console could mean disappointment for those putting it at the top of their Christmas list.

The BBC has learned that high street retailers are struggling to keep up with demand for the console, which has been in short supply for months.

Websites such as have been set up to help shoppers find out when stock becomes available.

Nintendo said it was "doing everything possible" to keep up with demand.

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Vip3r4925d ago

Could it be possible that Nintendo are doing this on purpose to hype up the system? Surely if last year was anything to go by they would have learned their lesson by now? My sister is wanting one for xmas but from the looks of things it won't be happening.

ChickeyCantor4925d ago (Edited 4925d ago )

This isn't the first post about "shortage warnings" , and your comment is pretty much said over and over......

Topics in the Wii section are getting repetitive....

lawman11084925d ago

My Son has it and he almost never plays it. GIMMICK system bad games

season0074925d ago

i want to sell it and get myself a second PS3...the 40gb looks hot but i want a ceramic white in contrast to my first 60gb black PS3 =/

Covenant4925d ago

Well, duh. They're nearly impossible to find. If you want one, and are able to find a model, then buy it, because you're not likely to see another until well after the holidays.

Kratos_Kart20074925d ago

Nintendo needs to STFU with these warnings...seriously.....

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The story is too old to be commented.