Did Futurama just Spoof the Playstation Hack?

TheParanoidGamer Writes: "Either we have this wrong or Futurama just did a spoof episode of the the recent Playstation hack. In the episode we see a young boy who is modifying Bender so that he may have control over what bender does. The manufacturer that built Bender, MomCorp, don't take this to lightly and decide to bring the boy to court. There are countless scenes that all appear to familiar with the recent playstation hack."

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Reebo2604d ago

Interesting but it certainly wouldn't be the first time a show like this spoofed the video game industry.

Nitrowolf22604d ago

Yeah south park does this all the time with EA, Nintendo and much more.

iamnsuperman2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Recently Futurama has taking this route. I remember the eyephone episode. I like this direction. Something funnier about it

toxic-inferno2604d ago

@ iamnsuperman

I agree. A lot of people have said it's too different from "classic" Futurama, but I think that Futurama has always been a very satirical show, it's just that they're not being as subtle about it any more. And they still manage to get a lot of maths and physics jokes in, which is great.

I think this happens with any show that gets cancelled and then resurrected. Even though there's very little difference between the old and the new versions, people claim that the classic episodes were better.

Rynx2604d ago

I love Futurama. I can't wait to buy season 6 on Bluray!

Istanbull2604d ago

Futurama and Family Guy sux

Simpsons are still the best

sikbeta2604d ago

Sorry man, but no one can go against the power of Seth MacFarlane and his series, Simpson were good back in those days, same with South Park and Futurama, but time to move on, Family Guy is Freakin' Sweet! XD

Quagmire2604d ago

Simpsons is alright, not as funny as it used to be, Family Guys is just pure trash...but funny trash, whereas Futurama is simply classic.

Ron_Danger2603d ago

As far as cartoons go, Archer on FX is the best... And that's coming from a guy with a Futurama profile pic

Brosy2604d ago

This paranoidgamer lives up to his name, I watched that episode and there is no way they spoofed anything to do with the ps3. He needs to take off his foil hat.

Silly gameAr2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Front page news right here! Saw this episode by the way. Ummmm....sure. Why not?

jacksonmichael2604d ago

Oh hey, there actually is a new episode up online! Thanks for the reminder!

zeal0us2604d ago

its not like ps3 owners would revolt in arms over a spoof.
some might not like it but i doubt they would go far as not watching the show.

The Meerkat2604d ago

Its not like they showed Mohammed.

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The story is too old to be commented.