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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Hopefully i get it, I have Ac2 and Brotherhood.


JoGam2631d ago

I thought it was the 2nd?

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

the beta comes out on the third, i keep getting an error when trying to download it but i did recieve and email look at this link i took a pic.

It says they only sent it to the most dedicated fans.

RedDead2630d ago

You sure are a dedicated fan Stolensole.....

Nate-Dog2630d ago

@SS: They sent it to everyone that has used Uplay on PS3.

Electroshocked2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

@xX-StolenSoul-Xx I believe they are sending the code to those who signed up to Uplay through their PS3, I just checked my email, I also received a code and I'm downloading it now.

Edit: @Nate-Dog You beat me to it.

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KingDustero2631d ago

I'm hoping I get one. I've played Brotherhood some and have the AC2 Platinum. I'm also a U-Play member. Hopefully it'll be there in the morning.

HeavenlySnipes2630d ago

doesn't all PS+ members get it free? Why is everyone 'hoping' to get in. Just get the 3 month PS+ package if you can't wait and use the service lol.

I personally find AC stale. Combat is too easy (counterkill is easily exploitable) parkour is not as tight as a game like Uncharted (Ezio LOVES to jump backwards off buildings when I press up and jump -_-) and the only thing making me want to progress was the story.

To me at least, it suffered from the same problem FFXIII had, great story leaving me wanting more, but gameplay to boring to keep me from continuing.

dgonza402630d ago

i guess it just isnt your type of game?. they did add more to the combat with each game in the series.. and even in revelations they are adding more to your arsenal with traps and stuff.

Simon_Brezhnev2630d ago

FF13 did not have a great story. AC 1 was probably the hardest in the series i always hated that fight against the Templar at the end. It did get a lot easier since brotherhood.

dgonza402630d ago

Wooo! got my code :d

i know what im going to be doing this weekend
*puts on sunglasses*

ainsz2630d ago

Sunbathe? It's pretty warm.

Neo Nugget2630d ago

Got an email with my code as well.

Might give it to a friend since I have PS+ already.

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