Manhunt 2 Slammed by Christian Values Media Advocate

Just when you thought every self-appointed media watchdog out there had weighed in on the Manhunt 2 saga…

As reported in the conservative Washington Times, Ted Baehr, founder of the Christian Film & Television Commission (CFTC) has joined other critics in calling for Manhunt 2's Adults Only (AO) rating to be restored. Said Baehr: Unlike other first-person shooters where you are protecting yourself, in Manhunt 2, you are seeking innocent victims. It teaches susceptible children to commit sadistic violence.

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iilluminate4929d ago

Should we be giving the Christians yet more exposure?

Age rating decisions to those who are employed to make such decisions and have actually played the game.

Slayer OP4929d ago

Yeah thats true. I just posted this so people could see how silly epople sound when the critique something that they have never done.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4929d ago

From my expierence Christains are the 1st to go on pirated gaming. Which is STEALING

VampHuntD4929d ago

If you're letting video games "teach" your children then you're an unfit parent anyway. If the child is old enough to play the game, they will understand that it is nothing more than a GAME. I don't like Manhunt at all, I think it's trash, but at least I know I'm not going to replicate the game anytime soon. More parents, less people with kids. Honestly, quit blaming media for your own failures.

sonyfanonly4928d ago

there is a reason we have the rating system but to go all the way and censor the content in MANHUNT 2 is just bull sh$t i guarantee when manhunt 3 comes out and take two makes it a E game there will still be people saying it should be banned to violent and shows to much blood even if the game is all about picking up flowers its bullsh$t