5 Western Studios Capcom Should Aquire

News this week indicates that the Japanese developer Capcom intends to expand the company’s presence outside of it’s homeland by purchasing video game studios in the West. This should come as no surprise since Capcom has already bought up Blue Castle, the Canadian studio whose recent work includes Dead Rising 2.

This wouldn’t be the first time a Japanese company has looked overseas for talent. Sony has been buying up studios since the PS2 era, recently adding the North American studio behind Sly Cooper and inFamous to the PlayStation family. Then there’s Square Enix’s whose buyout of the British studio famous for Tomb Raider and Dues Ex has proven to be a wise business move so far.

So which Western studio should Capcom secure?

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Lord_Sloth2631d ago

Absolutely not! This desire to westernize Japanese games is what has Capcom in so much hot water with their fans with DmC to begin with! Japanese titles sell BECAUSE THEY'RE JAPANESE! They don't need a western studio to pump out more GoW clones and Gears knock offs!

zeal0us2631d ago

also some of us don't want to see ridiculous priced dlc for more games

MaideninBlack2631d ago

Apparently they do in Capcom's case.