More Free Premium PSN Avatars Thanks To Insomniac

Dual Pixels - Insomniac has been mighty generous to Ratchet and Clank fans, and they will continue to be. In celebration of Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One's upcoming release, they're promoting the game with free premium PSN avatars, which we rarely obtain at the low-low price of $0.00.

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Blacktric2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

US only... Figures. UK site haven't even updated since the release of A Crack In Time.

Edit: Entered the US site, watched the video and got the code then entered it to my European account, didn't work. So don't bother unless you have a US account.

rdgneoz32607d ago

It is really simple to make a US account. Hell, I'm from the US and I have an EU. Japan, and an Indian account to get various things. If you download something from 1 account, it'll work on the others just fine.

Blacktric2607d ago

I own a PS3 since mid 2008, and I have multiple accounts belong to multiple regions including India and Singapore but when it comes to avatars, you CANNOT use them on multiple accounts. If you redeem that code on the US account (which you must), avatars will be tied to that account only and you won't be able to use them on other accounts. You can only use the static theme which I don't care too much about.

badz1492607d ago

could be used for US account only though but I got 1 too. Insomniac FTW!!

Quagmire2607d ago

Still costs too much imo.

Quagmire2607d ago

People cant take a joke

dgonza402607d ago

im guessing they thought you meant it's worth less than nothing.. like trash or something :p

StrongMan2607d ago

Free is one of my favorite words and Ratchet & Clank is one of my favorite video game franchises.

neonlight452607d ago

The Ratchet one is my favorite.

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The story is too old to be commented.