Five criminally underappreciated PS3 games

The PlayStation 3 has, over the years, played host to some genuine underrated classics. People that claim the JRPG is dead clearly haven’t seen the PS3 library. And God of War? Sure, but there’s a bunch of great games similar to that that just floated in and floated out without any of the recognition they deserve.

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KingSlayer2631d ago

This list is criminal. Damn those are some awful games.

MaxXAttaxX2631d ago

I think Siren and Folklore and maybe Valkyria Chronicles should probably be somewhere in that list instead of all of those, lol.

Lavalamp2631d ago

Nier will always have a special place in my heart.

MattS2631d ago

It greatly upset me to see Cavia shut down before it could make a Nier 2.

Lavalamp2631d ago

Last I heard, Square Enix owns the IP rights and was working on some Nier related projects. It's a shame that they'll never be able to get the band back together, but they could always hire Taro Yokoo, the director who left during the dissolving.

MattS2631d ago

@Lavalamp1138 - yeah, I've still got hopes for a Nier 2, there is still a lot of life in that franchise.

It was disappointing more because Cavia made some great games back in the day. It was behind Drakengard as well on the PS2, another underrated classic in my opinion. Square Enix lost a lot of talent in that studio - I hope they were rehired to other teams.

VileAndVicious2631d ago

Neir was pretty awesome. It surprised me.

Tanir2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

besides eye of judgement and troy the list is good, nier was a really good game, and the sound track was "OMG"

sucks barely any japanese games on the market anymore, especially jrpgs.

all we get are shooters -_-

BubbleSniper2631d ago

god i hope they destroy the memory of Nier.. the game reeks of generic

Peaceful_Jelly2631d ago

I played a few hours and it was bad, boring and specially uninteresting.

jdfoster2631d ago

Haze! :p (good concept (story etc) but never truly took advantage of the 'haze concept' (disappointed by that game)

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The story is too old to be commented.