411Mania's Top 5 Favorite Consoles

From the Xbox 360 and the NES to the Sega Genesis, the Playstation 3, the Sega Dreamcast​ and more, the 411 staff ranks their top 5 gaming consoles of all-time! Check out the full article to see which systems made their lists and why!

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clockworkrazor2627d ago

My top 5 favorite game consoles :

#1. Super Nintendo Entertainment System : 16-bit glory with colorful detailed graphics and amazing-for-the-time sound chip.

#2. Playstation 2 : So many great games in one generation. From ICO and Shadow of the Colossus to God of War. So many AAA games and so little time.

#3. Sega Dreamcast : The first time me and my best friend played Soul Calibur the night of the DCs launch was a true revelation. Better than arcade ? YES ! online ? YES ! a truly incredible pure gaming machine if there ever was one.

#4. Xbox360 : the gaming system that showed me the true potential of online gaming for home game consoles. With a great variety of third party support and some good exclusives the Xbox360 is an all around great gaming console.

#5. Playstation 3 : Hey it gave me the brilliant conclusion to my favorite long running game series Metal Gear in Metal Gear Solid 4. With many AAA exclusives like God of War 3 , Resistance and LittleBig Planet the PS3 is truly a SOLID gaming console.

JDW2627d ago

1 - SNES - So many great games...and I had the time to play them.
2 - PS1 - Spent some serious time gaming on this machine.....playing FFVII during one summer holiday.
3 - Gamecube - While not the most popular console of that generation, it provided me with some awesome multiplayer fun with my friends....MarioKart, Smash Bros.
4 - NES - My first console, and I remember all the fun I had.
5 - XBOX 360 - Most of my online gaming is/was on the PC...but the 360 showed what consoled could do in terms of creating a fun online environment.