Wii still leading consoles, but for how long?


"I once predicted the Wii was the future of video game consoles. I said, since the Wii changes how we play games instead of just how we view them, it would be able to overtake the Xbox 360 and PS3, which certainly go farther in terms of hardware power, but don't fundamentally do anything different than the original PlayStation...what really amazes me, however, is the public's almost unquestioning acceptance of the Wii's new terms of playing games..."

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TheHater4962d ago

This is not going to end well.

MK_Red4962d ago

Well, Wii is mainly targeted at casual market and with WiiFit, I don't think Wii could fail in that category. I hate WiiFit with a passion. And I'm not just saying by that, our magazine got hands-on/feet-on it during previous game conventions and it was a horrible and unfun experience but I know that the game is for a different and casual market and believe me, they are dying for this WiiFit and that alone combined with Wii Sports and Play is enough to keep Wii going...

Rooftrellen4962d ago

The Wii targets everyone. I don't know any casual players that want to pick up Manhunt 2 or MP3. I have to spread the word of No More Heroes and Disaster so that some of my friends know they're coming, but they have no interest if they're causal gamers.

The hardcore gamers I know, though, are excited about many games that are coming to the Wii.

It's ok to dislike certain kinds of games. RE and Metroid are the only FPS I like (and Goldeneye, but that's just legendary), I think others are horrible experiences that I can't stand to play for more than 5 minutes.

However, I know many a casual gamer that loves Halo. So I cannot say hardcore gamers think differently. I know many a hardcore gamer that is looking forward to Wii Fit (and I am among them).

It is wrong for me to say I dislike hardcore games, because I don't. I love many of them, but one genre I don't like, and it's not even only for the hardcore. It's fine not to like a new type of game, but, please, be careful when categorizing who does like it. When it comes to games, we're all gamers. The only difference between those of us on here and the grandma in a nursing home is time. What kinds of games we find interesting differs as much from me to you to the next guy as from you to her.

As many hardcore gamers are looking forward to Wii Fit as casual gamers...both have the time to enjoy it, if that's what they're into, and if you're not into it, you can avoid it like I avoided Halo 3, but it doesn't change that a variety of people are looking forward to it.

BrotherNick4961d ago

I'm thinking about kickass surfing and snowboarding games that can be created now w/o being at the arcade.

Gmoney4962d ago

The Wii is selling better than the Xbox360 and PS3 because it is cheaper and that's all there is. The Wii has lame kiddy games and no i don't want to swing my arms around while thanks. The Wii will die once the price of the Xbox350/PS3 comes down to its price level. If the Wii came out at $399, it would have been vaporware already.

ItsDubC4962d ago

Weird, I could've sworn that I bought my Wii mainly because I knew it was the only console getting high-quality software developed by Nintendo. Also, my non-gamer friends will never touch a 360 or PS3 but find the Wii controls fun and engaging. Anyone who actually owns a Wii knows that swinging your arms around to play is totally optional.

CadDad4962d ago

Price eh? So when the PS3 and 360 come "down to it's price" it will die off?

I'm just curious if you understand that Nintendo can drop their price as well. And when they do drop their price it will still be cheaper than the 360 and PS3 for years of price cuts. According to your logic of it dies off when they get to the same price point, that could be 5-6 years down the road and may never happen since they are so fundamentally different.

I really don't see the Wii as direct competition to the other two. I think they cater to completely different markets, that happen to over-lap somewhat since people aren't robots and have some diversity to them.


forum_crawler4962d ago

I bought mine because I actually wanted to buy a wii... who knew...

lynx1halo4962d ago (Edited 4962d ago )

They realize that although the gaming market is currently huge...and all of us gamers want faster processors, better graphics, etc..they decided to go for the UNTAPPED FAMILY MARKET...and as long as they have a firm chokehold on that market PS3 and 360 cant touch them honestly
Oh believe me i still absolutely will never touch a Gamecube2 with a 10ft pole....but not even I can deny it....the sales figures speak for themselves

ItsDubC4962d ago (Edited 4962d ago )

Wow, are you ok? That is by far the most thought-provoking and pertinent comment from you I've seen on this site ever.

Edit @ above:

ROFL k just making sure you're alright =)

BrotherNick4961d ago

A bubble for your honesty.

bluhefner4962d ago (Edited 4962d ago )

IMO, When the average joe begins to understand and adopts to HD, thats when the Wii will suffer and 360/PS3's 2008 lineup isn't favoring on the wii side neither, not to mention price drops, so i think maybe late 2008/mid 2009 or even earlier Wii's momentum should have a sharp decreases in sales.

ChickeyCantor4962d ago

Nintendo said that when there is need for a new console they will make a new one.

so if no one wants Standard Definition only supporting video games, Nintendo will work on a new nintendo.

sales are great now so no need for change, why should they.

bluhefner4962d ago (Edited 4962d ago )

But if that happens and nintendo makes a new console wouldn't that benefit Sony and/or MS since their systems would already be hd-capable, dropped in price and have larger game libraries?

ChickeyCantor4962d ago (Edited 4962d ago )

look how the DS is doing, it will take along time before the PSP takes the might never happen.

So Wii, that was made for the same market, will do fine.

But if they really have to change stuff then i think the most logical step would be a Nintendo console that can do more then PS3 or 360, other wise Nintendo wont last for sure.
Plus nintendo always wants to keep their console cheap so by the time nintendo makes a new console hardware has already been dropped in price.

but look how well Wii is selling? and after a year its still in high demand, i dont see nintendo making changes in a long time.

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