Official Playstation Magazine UK Oct 2011 Rumours - Resident Evil 6, Enslaved 2, EA PS3 Exclusive

''The October 2011 edition of the Official Playstation Magazine UK has recently hit the shelves, with the highly respected publication sneakily hinting at a truckload of enticing rumours including the announcement of the long-awaited Resident Evil 6 at the forthcoming Tokyo Game Show 2011 and the ongoing development of a PS3 exclusive first-person shooting title over at Electronic Arts.''

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Why o why2630d ago

Ea exclusive fps........not sure about that but colour me interested though

qwertyz2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

EA is too greedy to make a ps3 exclusive even though they have a partnership with sony just like activison is too greedy to make a 360 exclusive even though they are obviously in bed with M$


sony will never pay for exclusives and why should they ? they already have a truck load of first party studios and exclusive IPs already. By the way they can use the money it would cost for an EA exclusive deal(and possibly the cost of buying the IP to ensure it stays exclusive) to create a new exclusive IP by themselves using one of their many talented studios. that way it NEVER goes multiplatform no matter what.

Look at what Take Two interactive has done would you ? they promised LA Noire and GTA IV would be ps3 exclusive only for them to go back on their word the same is the case with Agent, first it was announced to be ps3 exclusive and now nobody is hearing anything about it anymore and even sony is saying they no longer know if it will be exclusive(obviously because Take Two told them they may work on a 360 version)

You can never trust 3rd parties with exclusives.

SilleGamer2630d ago

Yes although it would be good to take advantage of the PS3's features such as Blu Ray etc, it wouldn't make sound business sense for an exclusive.

Maybe Sony paid for exclusivity?

Would probably only happen if the title in question is a system seller.

Who knows! :)

sinncross2630d ago

‘One of the US’s best-loved sports games will finally get a UK release next year.”

Oh many, I really hope this is Sony expanding their MLB series to other regions!
PS3/ PSV cross platform support please Sony!

doctorstrange2630d ago

Considering they do these every month - anyone know how many they get right?

Hopefully they have a good truth:fake ratio as I wouldn't mind Resi 6 soon.

jc485732630d ago

I guess they really like Enslaved in UK.

jdfoster2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

IMO it was an underrated game. I can't believe how badly it sold. Was quite short yes. But the art style, characters etc was amazing. Beautiful graphics and art design just like heavenly sword. Enslaved was a great game. Would love to see a sequel. (with improved story/length/re playability etc) BUT I would take an new Heavenly Sword game over an new Enslaved game any day :p. Heavenly sword IMO was an amazing game and again underrated.

WhiteLightning2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Agreed, I want to play Nariko again

NT was going to set HS2 in hell where Nariko had to escape, plus it could of been open world.

Enslaved really did bad in sales, even HS an exclusive sold more then a MP game....and sales was the reason NT wanted to do a MP game in the first place

SilleGamer2630d ago


Yes some rumours do fly completely off the mark.

However, I'd place Resident Evil 6 smack-bang for a TGS 2011 announcement - seems only logical.

As for the EA PS3 exclusive, remember those Black Troll Studios rumours that propped up lately, could be the writing on the wall! :)

beavis4play2630d ago

hopefully capcom will start to resemble a top-tier dev house again and get back to what made the RE series great - and forget that action-adventure crap they slapped the RE5 name on.

SSKILLZ2630d ago

R6 only ps3 ....... Hell yeah, buy it SONY!

delosisland2630d ago ShowReplies(5)
dark-hollow2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Try saying the same statement but with xbox and Microsoft in it and you'll get burned!

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