Bodycount Review (Geek Revolt)

Daniel Hill of Geek Revolt writes:

"I honestly don’t think Bodycount ever stood a chance. First, the man who created this game as a spiritual successor to the well-received shooter black left the team about halfway through development. Then, I started this game the day after I finished the modern day classic Deus Ex: Human Revolution. What were they thinking releasing this game a mere week after such a big title anyhow? Maybe this isn’t my game, maybe some will like it, but either way, I find it to be generic in the most awful way possible."

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snipes1012604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Yea I did this review and it's my honest opinion. It is a mediocre, souless, annoying piece of crap. I think most gaming sites are giving it too much credit.

Then again I paid for my copy, all the big gaming sites probably got free review copies. We can't stand for this crap anymore.

The 1 is not because it is unplayable, it is quite functional besides the garbage controls. It is just so, generic and utterly outdated. Read the last paragraph of the review and you'll see what I'm getting at.

megalonagyix2604d ago

1/5 is a piece of shit,n ot mediocre.

TheComedian2604d ago

Errrr okay admittedly it sure as hell isn't the best game out but 1/5 is just harsh.If a game is 1/5 it means it is pretty much unplayable,uninspired and a broken glitchfest.That being said I wasn't planning on buying it anyway so a rental will do the trick.

snipes1012604d ago

Here's my thing. The game is entirely functional, I will give it that. However, given the ocean of other great FPS's out there, this one is just utterly horrible in comparison. I also don't use half ratings (1.5, 3.5, 4.5 stars ets...). I use 1 star, 2 star, 3, star, 4 star, 5 star in order to create a clearer difference between game ratings.

Three enemy types, three different environments and a meager four multiplayer maps spanning a small amount of generic multiplayer modes. As I said in the above comment, read my last paragraph and you will see what I was getting at.

I didn't do this for hits, it is just how I genuinely feel about this game. Read the whole review to get a better picture. I just hated it. I am honest and will give no concessions to games I think are lazily put together (like this one).

TheComedian2604d ago

Well I am not saying you did it for hits don't worry.I did read the last paragraph and also truly believe that this is how you feel about the game.Ok so far.What I do seem to point out though is this.The game is reharsed and unimaginative.It is still though technically playable.So that makes it a 2/5.As I said a 1/5 is reserved for an unplayable game at a technical level.A 0/5 is reserved for a non-existent game.Anything that can be played is 2/5 at least.So what I am saying is being a professional reviewer you should try and be as subjective as possible leaving personal feelings out of the reviews core.You could put a section like "reviewers' personal opinion" outlining...well your personal opinion.Also If you feel like that would be difficult due to the #/5 reviewing system you could try and use a #/10 or even better a #/100 system.I hope you like readers feedback. :) Cheers.

snipes1012604d ago

Point taken comedian. The only problem I have with the #/10 and #/100 is what's the difference between a 7 and an 8? An 86 and an 88? The five star system leaves little room for interpretation and shows it how it is.

SITH2604d ago

Anyone? Anyone surprised? The demo was the quality equivalent of toilet water after diarrhea.

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