Costco Replaces 10 Month Old 360 No Questions Asked

Gamertag Steve519 writes in his Blog that he took his "Launch Day" 360 back to Costco after suffering the infamous "3 Red Lights Of Doom".

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Marriot VP5862d ago

did he buy it at costco or did he just walk in and exchange it?

haha really dumb question but just wondering.

Rusty Ranchero5862d ago

He originally purchased it from Costco.

CAPS LOCK5862d ago

why is this news, i thought all electronics by law must have a 1 year warranty, well its like that in the uk anyway.

Bill Nye5862d ago

Told you Costco has the best return policy in existence.

Captain Tuttle5862d ago

I've heard stories about people taking back bottles of juice that were 3/4 empty and couches that have been abused for almost a year in a college house because they were stained with no questions asked. Costco dosen't advertise it but they consider their generous return policy part of the service that your membership buys.

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