XSEED Bringing Corpse Party to US, With Trailer

Daniel writes - "XSEED's throwing a party! Weeeeeee! A Corpse Party! Wee- actually that doesn't sound very fun at all. I mean, an actual Corpse Party, that is. I have no idea how this game is going to play out, aside from being creepy and full of dead children. The entire fun part of it is still TBD, IMO."

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Inception3470d ago

Interesting. I loved visual novel like 999 and hope some dev will localize more VN like this.

btw, Xseed rocks! <3

Servbot3470d ago

Notice how the smaller localization teams are keeping the PSP relevant in the West. It's good to see companies like Xseed acknowledge what an awesome handheld the PSP is.