Dark Souls Does Not Need DLCs, Is "Fully Complete", says Namco Bandai

"Remember the time when you could buy a game and it would be the complete game? No retailer pre-order bonus nonsense? No taking away content just to sell it later as DLC? Well, developer From Software and North American publisher Namco Bandai remembers that time."

~ Nick Tan, GameRevolution

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Dart894650d ago

This just went from my if i have money to buy i will list to day 1 purchase.

Now if more devs would follow this but highly doubtful.

blitz06234650d ago

It's not that devs release DLC because games are incomplete, those people just want more money so they don't include already-planned stuff when they release their game. It's all a marketing ploy. I'm glad Namco stayed conservative

evrfighter4650d ago

you console folk better support the hell out of this dev. Guys like these are a dime a dozen.

just a friendly warning.

@ alpha the concept of continuing the story after you played the campaign is fine and all but what may start off as a good thing usually ends up with meetings about how to hash up future games into dlc to make more money.

DaTruth4650d ago (Edited 4650d ago )

Damn, I hate when I have to agree with Evrfighter! Worse when I have to bubble for "well said".

But a good comment is a good comment!

Shame, this is the only game worthy of a DLC buy from me! Held out hope for that sixth archstone till Dark Souls was announced!

NatureOfLogic4650d ago

May thine strength help the world be mended

vsr4650d ago

This is the word I want as a gamer & customer ...

I don't want the rebranding of Cut contents as a DLC & I won't pay extra

darksied4650d ago

It's not so much a ploy, as it is a business model. A game makes them a certain amount of money for a publisher and developer. But DLC is direct income for them, no middle man, etc. And sometimes it's really good, sometimes it's really bad. If it's a game that you really, really love, then why not? A lot of people want to keep playing in a game's universe when it's over because they like it so much; I'm the same with, say, Mass Effect 2.

The way I look at it is, don't hate DLC, hate bad DLC. I know most DLC is just rubbish, but there's really good DLC out there for a lot of games.

abang4648d ago

Im glad to hear bout this..though i can never bring myself to buy a dlc. I feel like being ripped.

Though i was hoping for a DLC for the original demon's souls..
The Giant world level(just like they teased in the final boss battle) would be nice :)

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-Alpha4650d ago

To be honest, I would love DLC for Dark Souls/Demons Souls. By DLC I mean true post-production content.

I love this mentality too, but I was so disappointed when they didn't do the DLC for that Land of the Giants broken arch

LadyGaga4650d ago

There wasn't enough cake to mend my broken heart after I heard that I will never see what that level would be like.

Considering suicide.

jspc19894650d ago

Amen to this article!

Makes me feel just a little bit old skool. I miss the PS2/GC/XB era i really do.

Can't wait for this! Looking forward to tearing my hair out at 4am because I just lost 100,000 souls trying to beat 1 boss after 5 hours of grinding just to get to him. It's annoying.....and i love the hell out of it!

DaTruth4650d ago

The day I plummeted into the StoneFang gorge with 700,000 souls on a ledge because I was trying to get, what turned out to be a storied hero"s soul was just... just...

Well, the words simply don't exist, but my hairline will never recover!

GhettoBlasStarr4650d ago

This announcement is a breath of "Fresh Air". I'm going to put on pre order first thing in the morning......F**K DLC!!!!!

Bits-N-Kibbles4650d ago

I will buy this game, and I don't have to worry about them releasing DLC 1 week after the release before I even play the game. If it was made before the game released, why was it not apart of the $60 I payed for the game.

Don't support $DLC. It's a ripoff.

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GunofthePatriots4650d ago


I hope to god more developers take a page out of Namco Bandi's book and release 100% complete games.

bruddahmanmatt4650d ago

Namco is the publisher here, not the developer. And FWIW, what are we supposed to say the next time a Namco title receives DLC, because it's bound to happen?

Quagmire4650d ago

Namco's other franchise Tekken 6 never had any DLC, and they have also confirmed they will include almost every single character in Tag Tournamnet 2.

dbjj120884650d ago

Seriously, this is what's right.

UNCyrus4650d ago (Edited 4650d ago )

The only question is... what about that broken worldstone in Demon's Souls? That was just WAITING for DLC to come out to open up that extra world.

Broken = crumbled, not buggy.

kcuthbertson4650d ago

Well if it was truly broken, that's called a PATCH...not DLC.

Simon_Brezhnev4650d ago (Edited 4650d ago )

lol @kcuthbertson i dont think you know what UNCyrus is talking about.

Tanir4650d ago

very true, was wondering if they would ever add that. guess not, but dark souls is here and thats always good

Viper74650d ago

He meant broken as in "one of the levels was cut off the game and entrance removed" kind of way.

If game is truly fully complete it should not require any patches nor DLC.

Cpt_kitten4650d ago

they explained why in the game if you paid attention, there was no saving that land it was completely consumed.

though it would be interesting to fight giants along with demons

UNCyrus4650d ago


Yes, i know they did say that. I platinum'd Demon's Souls and loved every second of it. But like you said, I still would have loved to have been able to have a crack at a land filled with giant demons :)

-Alpha4650d ago

I know, right!??

Best world too, it was "The world of the giants"

Totally pissed that it didn't happen

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stormeagle64650d ago

Not interested in the game per se, but I definitely support this mentality.