Xbox Needs Kevin Butler

Gaming Irresponsibly writes, "After viewing the latest PlayStation 3 promotional video starring the best VP a company has ever seen, some of us have begun to wonder, where is Xbox 360 in all of this?"

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badboy74282605d ago

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Nitrowolf22605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

"Simply put, Microsoft needs to focus a bit more on the advertising department. We haven’t seen very much fresh advertising come from Microsoft in quite some time. It’s time that Microsoft come up with some innovative advertising, while appealing to the hardcore audience, as well as possible new consumers, preferably not at the expense of the devoted fan base."

WTF MS has like a new commercial every month. I see them all the time. Sony KB commercial come once every 2-3 months and same with MS ads when they actually have a good one. In between MS releases small ads.
MS is a lot better then Sony when it comes to advertisement. Sure it may not be as funny, but they had their good share of commercial to (jump in).

And lets not forget how MS literally has exclusive rights to COD advertisement. These ads may not be funny, but they are doing the job that they are meant to be doing.

Nate-Dog2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

Got to agree. MS actually advertise their games often and their products, Sony are leaving their massive titles like Uncharted 3 to be hyped up by the fans themselves and are missing out because they either don't have the money for good advertising or don't have the right people for it (or both). It pains me to see some great PS3 titles go completely under the radar because Sony just don't advertise anything and the same thing will happen again with games like The Last Guardian. If Sony put as much effort into their game advertisements as they do into their KB adverts they'd be a lot better off right now.

darthv722605d ago

its also about social acceptance and product placement. I have seen more and more movies and tv shows that are featuring the 360 as the console of choice. For some time it was all about the playstation. Especially from movies and shows that Sony studios is the owner of. Hey its free advertising from one division to another.

Now the 360 is the one to get because you see them playing it on the latest shows. Hell even in the movie transformers, the guy had a 360 that transformed right in his hands.

Pixel_Pusher2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

After spending 500 mill on advertising on kinect I think MS is a little strapped for cash right now. lol

...gee willikers what an ambitious project that was right. 💩

qwertyz2605d ago

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they do the same thing to boost the revenue of other divisions.

all xbox needs is more FIRST PARTY STUDIOS. Kevin butler won't make any difference.

agentxk2605d ago

A Kevin Butler type persona would be entertaining. Isn't sony ending the Butler ads?

PirateThom2605d ago

Eh, no, they just brought him back a few days ago.

Dlacy13g2605d ago

Sony tapered off the Butler ads and their sales followed suit in the US. It is certainly not related...but the US is a funny market. Maybe KB really is needed to help drive sales here.

CoReI5K2605d ago

Sorry but no xbox360 doesn't need anyone like Butler only ones needing Butler is Sony remember there the ones in 3rd place they need all the help they can muster lol.

WhiteLightning2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

The only people who care that they are in third place are fanboys like you.

Gamers shouldn't care about sales, they should care more about the games the company produces.

Now go and wait for Gears 3 and Uncharted 3

Silly gameAr2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

They may be in third place, but those games they're pumping out taste soooo good!

Zir02605d ago

He may be funny but he hasn't helped sell more PS3's in the US, so no xbox doesn't need him. What Sony needs are ads like the Gears of War 3 Dust to dust ad.

kcuthbertson2605d ago

I'm pretty sure you're definitely wrong in saying that his ad campaign hasn't sold any PS3's...

Motorola2604d ago

"He hasn't helped sell more PS3's in the US." You're wrong there.

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2605d ago

We all need someone like KB in our lives.

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