IGN Exclusive: Respawn Breaks its Silence

With the launch of Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games' Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 just around the corner, the creators of the Modern Warfare phenomenon – Jason West and Vince Zampella – have broken their silence on their new game development studio, Respawn Entertainment.

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zeal0us2631d ago

Wish the best for these guys and hope whatever project they are doing be a success. Kotick know what he did was wrong and *bunch of swear words*.

Crazyglues2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Well I wish these guys all the best, they indeed made an Amazing game with the COD4 franchise and deserves all there sucess...

There is a big difference between talent and Luck - -Activision is about to learn the difference..

-Being lucky is not enough to make a game sell 20 million copies - you need true talent behind the scenes making the game.. -that's what makes them huge, when the game is that good.


miDnIghtEr2631d ago

"How has what went down at Infinity Ward impacted your new endeavor?

Jason: The biggest change for me is probably I know a lot more lawyers and they look over all the contracts. So that's the biggest change for me.

I guess this dude should of read his contract better then, while with IW and Activision. Sounds like he signed something he didn't read all of the first time.... and now that mistake will never be made again.

PhantomT14122622d ago

I don't think back then he had much of a choice, Publishers were the kings and these developers had not the reputation they enjoy today.

Dart892631d ago

I will be supporting thier first game since it will be offering dedi servers.

Coheno2630d ago

I'm looking forward to the Respawn game A LOT, but this "interview" is more or less pointless! Especially the last question about soical gaming, before it ends abruptly. And the 55 employees I've could have gotten out of the pic alone.

tdogg060519912630d ago

He did hint at a full 3d shooter experiance. "you arent going to get Facebook users to play a full 3d shooter"

Coheno2630d ago

You more less know that already since they have said that that's the games they have always made. Also if you visit their site they have a post where they were getting sounds off of various weapons and rifles.

Lazy_Sunday2630d ago

I know it may seem a bit off-topic, but why is Respawn Entertainment still using the Impact font? I thought after CoD they might have a little bit more originality concerning their logo...

theonlylolking2630d ago

It is their style that they like. Most of the people that work at Respawn Entertainment are from the old IW so they probably like it.

PhantomT14122622d ago

It's their old logo, the new one's on their site:

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