Jaw Dropping Action in NBA 2K12 New Trailer

2K Sports just released the all-new NBA 2K12 Momentus Trailer today, featuring some of the best basketball action you can expect from the latest game in the series.

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DaThreats2697d ago

Like the new animations
Looks more realistic

charles20292697d ago

Couldn't agree more, the game looks great!

MintBerryCrunch2696d ago

awesome trailer, really excited to find about all the new features and improvements they will put in the game

it keeps getting deeper and deeper, this is why 2K needs to have a shot at the NFL, when they got a chance at the NBA, look what happened, they cornered the market and made good games forcing EA out for the time being

SoapShoes2696d ago

They had a shot at the NFL and they smashed Madden. NFL 2K5 is one of the best football games ever. Then EA bought the license to the NFL and no one has been able to make a game since.

MintBerryCrunch2696d ago

i meant they need to have that chance again, i know about 2K5. bought it when it came out and its still better than everything that EA has pumped out every year

Highlife2696d ago

Rose should be able to blow past everyone. But in games the defense usaully is able to stay in front somehow? But yeah the game looks awesome!