Source: PlayStation 4 in 18 months

A source in a position to know claims the new Sony console will drop in early 2013, but is that a smart move on Sony's part?

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gw4k2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

18 months is a long period of time but it is understandable. Certainly within the next 2 years. Sony needs to really prove it the gamers that they can release something that is unique and powerful. I am sure they are tired of playing second best this generation.

Think of it. Launched late. Launched with less features than reported. PSN lagged behind competition greatly. Games all were second rate. Home was a failure. PSN was hacked and down for weeks. Credit Card information was stolen. On and On.

Over the years since launch, everything is almost the same. The games have come a long way but they are only now coming to be on par with the 360 in terms of graphics...and they should be better than the 360. The 360 is an older system with lessor stats but it still pumps out equal to or better than graphics. It's impressive but it shows the flaws that Sony made.

The point is, Sony really needs to get their heads in the 'game' here. If MS pulls off another home run with the next Xbox, there may not be a PS6! Seriously folks.

If you noticed I said a PS6. There will definitely be a PS5 and that may be due to the Japanese market. It really depends on Sony where they go from here.

DebateMaster2697d ago

We all know there wont be a ps4 in 18 months.

gw4k2697d ago

I personally hope there is. I'm ready to see the next gen come about.

xer02697d ago

I'm ready for next-gen.
Shame, you won't be...

Daver2697d ago

Yea Im ready too for next generation.

karl2697d ago

its time already... bring the ps4 =P

f7897902697d ago

I'm thinking fall 2013 so 24 months.

jaosobno2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

I'm ready for next gen.


gaffyh2697d ago

There's still some life left in PS3, don't see it getting maxed out in 18 months. Also it seems more likely that it would be released in November rather than early 2012.

guitarded772697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

This prediction is so bad I'm gonna guess it's Pachter.

Holiday season 2013.

Zanarkand2696d ago

Around the release of FFvs13, sound legit... lollll but i can't wait.

zeeshan2696d ago

I say BRING IT ON!!!! I am looking forward to seeing both 360 and PS3 being replaced with next-gen consoles. Think of Caspian border trailer of BF3 running in it's PC form or even way better in the next-gen games!! Imagine Uncharted 4!!! Wooooo!!!!!

zeeshan2696d ago

I say BRING IT ON!!!! I am looking forward to seeing both 360 and PS3 being replaced with next-gen consoles. Think of Caspian border trailer of BF3 running in it's full-fledged PC form or even way better on the next-gen consoles!! Imagine Uncharted 4!!! Woooooaa!!!!!

DragonKnight2696d ago

Wow, those janitors over at Sony HQ sure are privy to a lot of sensitive information eh?

morkendo2696d ago

I'm ready for next gen.


NOT IF SONY LAUNCH WITH 899.00 price tag

zag2696d ago

There won't be a PS4 in 1 and half years time.

There might be a completely new revision of the PS3 in 1 and half years though.

That I could see happening but not the PS4, currently all that Sony have said about a PS4 is there' is some stuff on the drawing board.

If the PS4 really was to be made in 18 months it'd already be at the Devs and they would have said something about new games and probably being for the PS4 but that hasn't happened.

RedDead2696d ago

18 months seems right, the main reason is the difference between Pc and the consoles is starting to show again.

psyxon2696d ago

@gw4k If you're "ready to see the next-gen coming", you probably don't play too many games. There is no need for a next-gen for at least 2-3 more years. Gamers think because they play CoD every single year, the consoles are being maxed out. BF3 is a perfect example of what you can still achieve with consoles if you aren't a slack off developer.

sikbeta2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

IF you want a PS4 as soon as possible, it'll not be out before the PS3 gets the $199 price-point or lower and it'll be pretty much like the PS1-PS2 situatuion, making the PS4 the top-tier and by that "expensive" choice (just talking PlayStation only) while leaving the PS3 as the accessible one, question is power and price for the new console, using an updated CELL chip for the PS4 would assure PS3 BC and not an isane price, Blu-Ray is more affordable, so it's a given, other thing would be PS2 BC, things are getting more interesting now...

Getowned2696d ago

i'll get a ps4 once it gets a price drop xD unless it's cheap enough already,but then i will probally break down and buy one.

badz1492696d ago

trust me, 100% genuine!

uh oh...I better submit this quick! :-)

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Zechs342697d ago

Not to be argumentative but all your points are opinions except the few that are irrelevant, biggest one would be the CC info mixed with PSN which Sony just announced that since the outage, they gained over 3 million accounts. True a lot of those are double or maybe triple accounts for people like us, but the same could be said of the 30 million xbox players who remain on silver status on Live.

gw4k2697d ago

How is it irrelevant when it's fact? If it was just my opinion then that would be one thing. Seriously, the points that I made were fact.

I mean, prove me wrong if you want to try.

Also, how do you see that the Credit Card Info is the biggest one of those points being irrelevant? You don't think that was a strike against Sony?

I do! My info was taken and a flight from Australia was purchased. $1,700.00 total!

No need to argue of course but lets be honest here.

infamousinfolite2697d ago

I can prove you wrong most of what you just said is evidence of fanboy talk. "PS3 games on par 360 games" if that isn't fanboy talk then I don't know anything. Also yeah the PS3 launched late but the 360 launched early and see what happened (RROD). Had Microsoft waited awhile there probably would've been no talk of RROD.

Lazy_Sunday2697d ago

@infamousinfolite: Yeah, there was RROD for an early launch. Remember the early launch problems of the PS2? It's just an issue with launching without testing. Of course, the 360's lineup picked up when the PS3 was released, which I think is what brought people to it. Of course most games were and still are primarily developed on 360 because it was the first console released. So most third party games (granted, not all of them) but MOST run better on the 360.
Knowing Microsoft, and how they have stepped no where near blu-ray, the digital download age still being held behind by greedy ISPs, you can only wonder why people actually want Sony to dev the next console first (sarcasm). They have better hardware. They have more studios and more variety in their exclusives. They did free online and they have a large format media. We don't want to get stuck with the DVD generation, and we want the better hardware. Sony's the place to go.

@GW4K: I get your point, but really man, tone down the stories and don't get too far ahead of yourself. It weakens your point. And you had a really good point until you started getting all fantasy on us.

And @everyone else: Yes, the PSN has 3 million new accounts. But that doesn't necessarily mean that they've made a huge improvement sales wise. Right now, the PS3 has the 360 in a vice grip with the price cut, but it hasn't been long enough to pose any real threat. We'll know by Christmas if it did any real damage.

KILLERAPP2697d ago

Your comment made go LOL...

JoGam2697d ago

Yup and I will be a billionaire in 17 months. /s

jukins2697d ago

"prove they can release something unique and powerful" umm pretty sure they did that as far as consoles go with bluray standard hdd in every system and arguably the most powerful system. Even with less features at launch the ps3 has turned around to pretty much trump every xbox 360 feature (sans cross game chat). Saying that ps3 games are just now coming on par with 360 shows that you align with a certain side lol. All that aside given the botched "late" launch significantly higher price, the ps3 has still managed to match sales of the 360.

ElDorado2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

Equal or better? PS3 has games with way better graphics. Are you blind or what I own both consoles, I even have 2 PS3's one fat and one slim. PS3 has way more triple A exclusives and has proven to be a better console for GAMERS. It was a really bad time with the hackers, but don't take away credit from Sony. They have given us amazing exclusives and MS has some great exclusives like Gears and Halo, but Sony has many more. I am a gamer, I don't care about having the mappack from CoD games a month earlier. That's just retarded MS actions. Give us games damnit. Sony will always give us games with their amazing first party studios.

2697d ago
MysticStrummer2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

Think of it. PS3 launched late, and has sold better than 360 ever since. Home made back all it's dev costs a month after the beta opened... hardly a failure. The damn Pentagon has been hacked, along with many other high profile companies. I'm not sure why I'm responding to a person who thinks 360 has anything that looks like the best looking PS3 exclusives. Are you a new member, or one of the usual circle jerk nation suspects with a new name?

cruncher_202697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

Think of it. Catched the competition even if launch 1 year after. Failure rate machine low. Kevin Butler. Price drop. Still one of the best blu-ray player on the market. Strong line-up exclusive games and first party developers. Leader in 3D technologies. Compatibility with PS Vita. Solid MOVE sales. On and On.

I don't say I don't agree with your argument, majority of them or valid but I hate people that just see one side of the medal... There is no reason for Sony to don't rentabilize the ps3 especially when sale are good... They certainly monitored the situation for the ps4 but 18 months... too short I think.. specially with the economy out there !

@MysticStrummer: :)

milohighclub2697d ago

I personally can not wait, he says its a dangerous time to release new hardware but Sony do it on a lot more regular basis! Tvs, phones, cameras...etc. Sony are often releasing hardware with a 500+ price tag. Don't think they're be worried bout a console launch.

Hozi892696d ago

Only children and foolish people will gladly rush into the pS4 right now. PS3 is now getting interesting. If SONY wants to make a better console than PS3 then they need more time to fully incorporate the awesome features, figure out the kinks and mass produce it.

It truly is sad that so many awesome 1st party games coming to Ps3 and people want to jump into PS4 before they even get a taste of those games.

DaTruth2696d ago

My PS3 isn't going anywhere, there is nothing to stop me from playing those games! I only played GOW2(PS2) on my PS3!

My PS3 has been interesting since holiday 2007, although I'm not unhappy with it, 18 months sounds right!

punisher992696d ago

You are acting like the PS3 will go away when the PS4 comes out. The PS2 had some great exclusives come out for it in 2007 after the PS3 had already released.

Pl4sm42696d ago

apparently people dont want more powerfull 600 player games and such ..... hmmm wtf are they ? aliens ?

slaton242696d ago

make a better comment man...gamers dont care to rush the next console we learn to enjoy what we have until every piece of system hardware is discovered or completly used up ps3 has life way ahead of it still and do u want the ps4 to be like xbox 360 rushed and with lots of consoles messing up with hardware problems and btw other peopke i no of the ps3 ylod and ps2 drive problems reading disc im not a fanboy just statin the problems 360 faced releasing early...if they waited the 360 could have been alot better and with blu-ray

KwietStorm2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Despite all the "facts" you just stated, look at where PS3 is, compared to their competition which has always been cheaper and launched a year earlier. I don't even care to make cheap arguments, but "just now coming to be on par with the 360 in terms of graphics..." Are you even being serious?

kulex472696d ago

@gw4k *golf clap* congratulations mr. xbot fanboy you've cemented your own destruction, I was almost livid by the time I finished reading your garbage, I don't know what your smoking but I don't want any, because it makes you crazy.

Persistantthug2696d ago

Then we'd be looking at 18 more months which would put a PS4 at a holiday 2014 launch.

It's totally doable once you do the math.

Persistantthug2696d ago

That's not gonna happen dude.

They're in and still will be in the middle of their VITA launch.

DeadlyFire2696d ago

That won't matter. PS4 is gonna be announced. Sony isn't going to risk not announcing if Microsoft and Nintendo are both announcing and debuting. Launch is a whole year separate from PSVita as well. Its likely that some of Vita's features will be supported on the PS4. Cross game chat at last? Speaking of the new console and showing some speculative specs and CGI clips isn't going to steal anything from VITA. If your a mobile gamer you play with mobile devices if not then you are not. Some mix yes, but not all.

Mobile market and console market are not the same market. Big difference.

Persistantthug2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

There will be no PS4 announcement in 2012...and certainly not when the PS3 is doing so well, and certainly not in the middle of a financial catastrophe.

If you think I'm wrong, then put a $60 game on it......if you dare.
I doubt you would.
lol case you do have the fortitude...then we should take it to the FORUMS just so there's record or all to see....we'll both make a topic and I'll be sure to take screenshots. :)

DeadlyFire2695d ago

I really don't have any games that are $60 bucks. Just got my PS3 a month ago.

Certainly money is harder to come by, but I blame Gas companies. They control the bill. Still though this generation has lasted. Its likely another will as well. There are millions of new workers every year. So the room for profit in a companies eyes only can grow as time goes on.

PS3 has hit its 5 year mark in 2010. It will be 7 year mark by 2012. 5/10 year plan still exists. Possibly 8/16 year plan now though. PS3 undoubtedly will have developer support for another 5 years minimum. A great cheaper development platform for new developers. To say start on the PS3 and move to the PS4 later.

I firmly believe E3 2012 we will hear of PS4 even if only a hint. Nintendo U will be there. Xbox 3 will be there. Sony is almost certain to say something even if its that 2014 launch you expect.

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DragonKnight2696d ago

@gw4k: Credit card information was not stolen. That was proven to be false. CC numbers were encrypted. Only addresses and the like were POTENTIALLY leaked, and even then it was for about 1 million PSN accounts. Get your facts straight.

hiredhelp2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

(gw4k) DUDE REALLY!!
Sony needs to really prove it the gamers that they can release something that is unique and powerful. I am sure they are tired of playing second best this generation.

Uncharted series brought new concept to the table.
sony took a gamble on heavyrain also paid off cos its approach.
resistance,infamous,motostorm ,little big planet ect.
they brought back to life old ip's 2 major ones killzone 2 and 3 and Twisted metal,rachet clank,
wipeout HD. theres lots. SERIOUSLY DUDE !! C'MON
AS for the bold statement of the 360" xbox get your head out of your ass man

RumbleFish2696d ago

Awesome! When I read comments like yours gw4k, I ask myself where people like you have been in the last years. It seems you have lived in a parallel dimension. And you have definitely not played the games I have played. Imagination ist such a powerfull thing it can change reality for some people.

BabyTownFrolics2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

i am an executive at sony and none of you are worthy of even thinking about the ps4

when it does release the cost will be one healthy white baby, extra controller if the eyes are blue

DeadlyFire2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

My 2013 prediction of PS4 launch is true then. E3 2012 is gonna be a hell of a show.

18 months = Spring 2013.

Wii U is hitting in 2012 why is it so hard to believe Next Xbox and PS3 are landing right behind it? EVERY generation has lasted 4-5 years before a new console. This one is going to 6-7 years. Its extended yes, but PS3, X360, Wii will be supported for at least another 3-5 years after launch of next generation systems. Get a job. You will be able to buy a console by that time if you save up your doe.

So far rumored launches are as follows
Fall 2012 = Nintendo U
Spring 2013 = PS4
Fall 2013 = Xbox 3

E3 2012 we will get big bang launch dates.

theflyindutchman2696d ago

ive never seen so many disagrees on one comment lol!
concrats gw4k!
btw u have got a point there, sony does need to get with something really special.

jimineyscrickets2696d ago

Not likely. 18 months from now is March 2012? Sony wouldn't want to launch a new console in Spring and miss out on the Holiday rush. And because they certainly aren't launching in Holidays season 2012 it certainly will NOT be in the next 18 months.

Holiday Season 2012 at the earliest.

punisher992696d ago

Wow. Just wow. Do you seriously beleive that nonsense you typed?? If Sony is second best this generation. Then who is first best?? The console that has the casual crowd (the wii)? Or the console thats been outsold by the PS3 every year since 09 (the 360)? Possibly even 08. How is home a failure when its still on and its bringing in thousands of dollars for Sony??? I mean seriously, do you know gaming at all???

swinesucker2696d ago

OMG, I just found out I have had ps4 graphics for years now on my PC!. Whoa!

Aikuchi2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

I really love my PS3, but Sony did ship it with one big flaw, it should have at least double the RAM. It has limited some options for Sony.

Another thing a lot of people don't realize is that consoles are not state of the art tech. They are simple the most affordable of conventional tech. The 360 and Wii are simply dumb computers even by the standers of the time they were built, no ware near a high end gaming machine in specs. Sony was a little different with the PS3. They put three types of new tech in it, the Cell processor,XDR, and blu-ray. But not everything was new, the Graphic card for example.

There is a lot of new tech that can be implement now that is now a few years old and would make vast improvement to the PS4, Cell processors with multi-threading, two or three graphics cards running in SLI with PhysX.and a minimum of 4GB of RAM if not 8GB or even 12GB, a SSD, SD card slots, eSATA, more USB, and improved latency of Blu-ray.

There is alot that cam bee improved over the PS3. Also Sony has made improvements to manufacturing to make it cheaper, hence why we keep getting new models of PS3 Slim.

pixelsword2696d ago

Now we get to experience 5 and 6D.

DigitalRaptor2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

I cannot grasp the absolute stupidity on display here...

"Sony needs to really prove it the gamers that they can release something that is unique and powerful."

That's right folks. PS3 isn't powerful and the games that Sony's developers make sure don't show this. Sony's PS3 isn't unique either. Games like Heavy Rain, Flower, Valkyria Chronicles, Warhawk, and a huge selection of their PSN library aren't unique at all. The service provision isn't unique either I mean 'MUBI', 'Blu-ray playback', 'BBC iPlayer' & other TV services, 'Web browser', 'PS Home', 'Life with PlayStation', 'PlayStation Plus' - these aren't unique applications for consoles at all!


"Think of it. Launched late. Launched with less features than reported. PSN lagged behind competition greatly. Games all were second rate. Home was a failure. PSN was hacked and down for weeks. Credit Card information was stolen. On and On."

Yet even launching late they've outsold Microsoft's alternative year-on-year. PS3 had more features than Microsoft's console had at launch and when you add the current feature set, it still most likely offers more (in games and applications). PSN lagged behind sure, but has caught up like an absolute beast! Not all games were second rate, at least not after 2008. Home wasn't a failure, up to 15 million people are using it daily: socializing, browsing content, gaming and buying digital items. It isn't up to Sony's original vision (Trophy Room anyone?), but that is soon to change.

CREDIT CARD INFORMATION WASN'T STOLEN! stop spreading this ignorant trite!

"Over the years since launch, everything is almost the same. The games have come a long way but they are only now coming to be on par with the 360 in terms of graphics...and they should be better than the 360. The 360 is an older system with lessor stats but it still pumps out equal to or better than graphics."

As a fanboy in denial I'm sure it's hard for you to admit the strides "the company in last place" has made this gen and now that they are doing so well and offering more than their competitors, I guess you've got to make up things, so nice one for proving how insecure you are.

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blumatt2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

I just hope the PS4 comes out before or at the same time as the Xbox 720. I don't want the Xbox to get a year's head start again. I hope they both release simultaneously, personally. That would make an interesting holiday season for gamers. haha

Just based on what Sony has done with the PS Vita, I have high hopes for the PS4. They seem to be doing everything right with the Vita. It's got games, social connectivity, a party system, cross game chat, tons of developer support, easy to develop for, and it's priced right. If Sony follows the same trend with the PS4, it will be back to the PS2 days for Sony all over again.

Peaceful_Jelly2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

I agree man. Vita has innovated much more than all the Nintendo handhelds combined. Now the haters can't say stuff like: "Sony doesn't innovates, they just follow" because right now the only real innovator around is Sony. And like you said, if we apply the same logic to the PS4 then... OMG, I can't even imagine... @[email protected]

Sony were a bit lost about what direction they wanted to take with the PS3 but not anymore and the PS Vita and the gazillion of new IP's (like Uncharted, Resistance, LBP, etc.) are the prove of that. They know where they are going and we can only expect the PS4 to probably be their best console yet.

fear882697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

I agree somewhat but I think Sony just needs to work on their strong points for the next system.

They need to pack relevant and future proof features. They need to get third party support ramped up and on lock for the release. They need to innovate in network services.

I feel that if sony were to release at the same time as the next xbox, they will be in the strongest position next gen.

SuperStrokey11232697d ago

2013 it will be shown at E3 and then launch holiday 2013 or mid 2014.

Thats just coming up on us so fast...

gamingdroid2697d ago

Not fast enough. I want next gen naow!!!

These console manufacturers have been holding off far too long now, and Nintendo doesn't seem to be pulling the weight.

JeffGrubb2697d ago

Cue Gwen: That shit's bananas. B A N A N A S

Caligula2697d ago

Well, the only thing I can say is that many Sony rumors have been true, recently.