Sonic's Time-Traveling Shenanigans

The past decade has not been kind to Sonic fans. Will this decade be any kinder? We take a look at the Blue Blur's past and future 2D adventures.

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Psychonaughty2699d ago

Wait, which game is that a picture of in the top left of this page? I've never seen it before, is it the indie developed sonic remake Ive heard about, Sonic Generations or something else? Either way it looks sweet!

Quagmire2699d ago

Sonic Fan Remix.

Sega forced them to can it.

Psychonaughty2698d ago

I meant top right doh! Thx for the reply guys.

32froshes2699d ago

The game in the screenshot is Sonic Fan Remix. It's a fan-made remake of the first stage from Sonic 2, and it's really nice-looking.