Halo 4 Concept Art Trailer Analysis

343 recently gave us a sample of some of the concept art for Halo 4 the trailer hints at some of the storyline, and points out some of the new and old races that will be in the game. Remember this is all opinions, and not facts the trailer is all concept art, and many of it might not even be in the full game but it is giving a good look at what we can expect.

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Hooby2603d ago

Oh look, someone who doesn't know anything about halo fiction making theories about halo fiction.

wwm0nkey2603d ago

*face palm*

Those are not Covenant ships, those are Forerunner. The Covenant has been disbanded

Mattlevin2603d ago

From what I've seen of forerunner designs I disagree.

wwm0nkey2603d ago

You are aware that art with the purplish looking ships are from the newest Halo book Primordium right? That takes place thousands of years before Halo CE.

Those three people you see are Bornstellar and the 2 humans.

Mattlevin2603d ago

Ok I'll amend that I apologise.

wwm0nkey2603d ago

Hey no need to apologize, just a simple correction :)

Convas2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

*Double Facepalm*

Reach dude? Really? You don't really understand what a "SHIELD WORLD" is if you think that's Reach.

That planet is the planet INSIDE the planet that MC and Cortana were floating towards in Halo 3. As a matter of fact, that planet within the planet might have an entrance to go INSIDE it as well. Would make sense for a prison. (You'd need to read Cryptum to understand)

@wwm0nkey: The Halo 4 Panel at PAX Prime confirmed that the concept art used on Cryptum, Glasslands, and Primordium are all Halo 4 Concepts directly from the game.

They are going to be using book canon as well as game canon in the Reclaimer series, which is AWESOME, because the books are well written.

Mattlevin2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

you can see space in the background and stars? plus I said "Probably not reach" if you can tell me more than just an opinion like proof then I'll be happy to agree. I understand there's a planet within the "shield world"