Best and Worst Games of August 2011

Eric of writes:

"After a few slow months we are finally getting into the big AAA titles that we see towards the end of every year. The month of August wasn’t too impressive, with the biggest game coming out at the end of the month, but it was a big one. Dues Ex: Human Revolution was definitely one of the best games of the month, but some downloadable titles also made the best of list. On the worst list we see some pretty bad PC games; users seemed to have plenty of issues with buggy games this month. Let’s take a look at the best and worst games for the month of August 2011."

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rrquinta2631d ago

Man, I might have to give Deus Ex a try. Think I'll get the PC version, though. Seems to be the best one.

zeal0us2631d ago

No offense to madden fans/football fans but I kinda of getting tire of these madden games.

I really didn't high hopes for Bodycount, but where are the commercial are they(codemaster) trying to pull a suda51(shadow of the damned).

Deus Ex is something I will have to look into soon as the price come down on it.

Zechs342631d ago

Damn that demo for Bodycount was awful...