Sony is going to add some big titles to the Greatest Hits collection

PSfocus writes: Sony's line-up is pretty strong this year and they have decided to add some of them to the Greatest Hits collection. Also last year's Gran Turismo 5 will be available for a lower price.

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nevin12603d ago

$19.99 should be the price for greatest hits.

dgonza402603d ago

woah xD that's way to cheap imo..
30 seems like the sweet spot. Paying 20 for those exclusives would make me feel dirty :P

HOSe2603d ago

this is most likely for europe only, but maybe gt5 in usa gets a drop. i dont see motorstorm dropping quite yet, although more people should be playing it.

Faunus2603d ago

@ HOSe

Yeah Motorstorm was released earlier in Europa. Mostly the US also get this games in the greatest hits. We will see.

Skate-AK2603d ago

Whoa if this does count for US I will be getting LBP2 and MS:A when the greatest hits versions hit shelves.

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