Diablo 3 Expansion Within Three Years

Activision Blzzard COO Thomas Tippl continued the investor presentation this afternoon highlighting some of the ‘exciting’ new Activision Blizzard products and commented on the Diablo 3 release timelime.

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Drekken2605d ago

I love when companies talk about expansions before they can even give us a release date for the base game.

They need to release the beta so this game can get going. The closer we get to December, the more I think this is a 2012 game. What a shame.

gw4k2605d ago

I'm with you mate. I don't even want to hear about expansion. I want the dang game! Take your time Blizzard, make it right but no one cares about expansion when we don't even have the game in the first place.

STK0262604d ago

Well, while I want a release date, I do care about the expansion, since LoD was such a great expansion and added so much content (same with other Blizzard games' expansions, like TFT or BW).

So yeah, I'd like to know when the game will come out, but knowing it will get an expansion is also something relevant to my interest.

Spinal2604d ago

Agree! Give us the damn game blizzard!

HaHa_Ostrich2604d ago

Some games have DLC ready at games launch. Some have 3 years window for that. Now we need compromise.