The Coolest Feature of Dragon’s Dogma Is the Characters Other People Play

Built with single-player story and fluid action combat in mind, Dragon's Dogma wasn't a good fit for online cooperative play. Instead, Capcom came up with an all new way for players to share their play experience — the pawn system.
What's the pawn system? It's essentially a way for players to collect, enrich, and return each other's created characters, sharing the battles fought and lands traveled with their friends through magical beings drawn to their service.

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PsERSONA2630d ago

Awesome. I'm loving this game from what I've seen of it!

Co-op sounds like it'll be blast to play.

Tanir2630d ago

looks very good, not as good as dark souls, but doesnt have to be!!!

Tex1172630d ago

Im digging it. I mean, yeah, it is no Dark Souls, but this has its own thing going on.