Sony: PS Vita is all about games

Despite its gamescom celebration of the handheld’s social network functions, Sony is putting games first with Vita.(

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Venox20082602d ago

we'll see, PSP was "all about games" too :)

jdfoster2602d ago

Persona 5...?

That is...

:) (can't wait till tgs)

MaxXAttaxX2602d ago

Sony shifted resources from the PSP to the PS3(to prepare for its launch). It was bad timing.

Besides, the PSP had plenty of good games, contrary to popular belief. People just don't look.

BakedGoods2602d ago

I don't know about you, but Vita = Day One.

piroh2602d ago

agreed, same here

Little deviants
Hot Shot Golf
Smart as
Silent Hill Book of Memories are very good reasons

hell even Reality fighters, StreetFighter x Tekken, Ridge Racer, new Modnation, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance, Killzone...

VINNIEPAZ2602d ago

Well then, they better get Monster Hunter on this thing!!

cpayne932602d ago

I bought a psp a year ago and have been enjoying it... but I bet I would have been bored if I got it at launch. It has a decent library now, plenty of older games are cheap.

Solidus187-SCMilk2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

this thing should have more games then PSP for sure I think. Its inputs are the same as consoles and touchscreens and has the power to handle ports of the consoles games, and PSN games for sure. Also psp and ps1 games, maybe ps2 games as well.

I really hope that they start selling games on PSN that can play on both the PS3 and the VITA and you only have to buy one copy. That would be awesome and I would love that RUIN game to be like that where you buy one copy that works on both.

edit-- thanks for the info. Thats good for me because I can buy it and play it on my ps3 and then on the vita if I get that later.

I really hope they do that with games on PSN that can play on yout ps3 and vita, then I will get the vita sooner than later.

Spenok2602d ago

FYI with ruin they come bundled. And if I'm not mistaken it won't come any other way. So you have your wish with ruin xD

That's a good idea with PSN releases tho. I agree and also hope they start doing that.

NiKK_4192602d ago

Yeah, it would be nice if it was like that. You buy a game on pen and have it for all your devices, if available. Pretty much like the iPhone and iPad. They do that on a lot of things. I would love to see that with save games in the cloud able to update on all devices.

Venox20082602d ago

I don't say that Vita will succeed or not, best luck to them.. I just say that no need to hype so much.. 3DS was hyped much and now they canceled some of their games that I really wanted to.. still I love my 3DS and about Vita.. we'll see..

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

yah, i think it's the best portable to date, not a joke

i don't mean like most successful or best for it's time or anything, i mean if all the portable consoles, and games that have came out thus far were released simultaneously, I would think the psp and it's library were the best.

not to mention all of the psone games

dangert122602d ago

Why do you say Psp its not getting games anymore? It still is about games and I'm getting cladun x2 when Its out here and the new psp digimon

Undeadwolfy2602d ago

Well judging by how many games we have on the PS3, I think its safe to say Sony know what they're doing.

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Bleucrunch2602d ago

The Vita is definitely a better product on paper...the addidtion of the second analog stick will bring soooo many other games to it...This will be a purchase for me no doubt...I just want to see what kind of RPG's and action adventure games vita will be able to produce.

typikal822602d ago

I really think the full size touch screen will bring in more games. The system has every input possible right now.

xf2602d ago

I like the fact that the Vita has all those input options but i probably wont use them that much at all. Here is a short video of a guy playing Uncharted: GA using the traditional controls. It looks way more comfortable (to me, at least) than tilting the Vita or touching the screen.

fear882602d ago

You would be surprised how smooth uncharted was with the touchscreen. If I had to define it, it would be "semicore". It's a hardcore game experience with intuitive casual controls. I think that uncharted on vita will possibly be the very best casual game and core game. The paint a climb feature alone allows a core game with incredible production value to be accessible to any casual. It is really like nothing else. I got to demo the game at E3 and both core and touch controls were amazing.

Ulf2602d ago

Nothing like the truth to bring the fanboys out of the woodwork to complain.

Spenok2602d ago

I know Sony said the same thing about PSP, and they have also addressed that was the failing point of said system. So hopefully they stick to this strategy with vita. Tho I have little doubt they won't be able to do this. As Vita is equip with PSN AND is capable of running ports of console games. So it seems almost impossible for it not TP have a huge games library.

Again, here's hoping.

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