Pachter's Podium: Sony 'Trying to Salvage Home' and Gears 3 'Being Held Back' by Xbox

IndustryGamers: There have been a lot of interesting news developments to talk about of late. In this month's "Pachter's Podium" we talk to the Wedbush Securities analyst about Deus Ex and GameStop, Sony's free-to-play push with PlayStation Home, the standoff between Valve and EA regarding Steam, Gears 3 sales and more.

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dangert122605d ago

Its true that game looks interesting i want to try it but i don't cause ps home is long and boring

StanLee2605d ago

I don't think HOME was lame from inception. Sony made great promises and then sort of forgot about it. And if Gears of War were multiplatform, it wouldn't be as revered. Seriously, exclusivity contributes to how well it's received. The games has it's short comings which seem to be overlooked because it's exclusive but regardless, it would never be as successful as Call of Duty.

donniebaseball2605d ago

I don't think it's going to happen, but if Gears could come to PS3 and be a real multi platform title, Epic would sell waaay more copies.

newhumanbreed2605d ago

As of now, that won't happen. Epic has stated that Microsoft makes their exclusive partnership very worthwhile, and every time they sit down with Microsoft, they give them very good reasons to work with them again.

They do want to be everywhere and take away Resistance and Killzone fans, but their benefits from exclusivity with Microsoft just outweighs the benefits of going on PS3.

qwertyz2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

I know MS pays for the development costs marketing, publishing and also pays epic a ton of money just to keep gears of war exclusive so epic doesn't shoulder ANY costs and they get payed BIG TIME its a major WIN for them. Oh yeah epic also gets a large percentage in loyalties on each game sold so they're making a killing right now working for MS

the don't pay up to $500 million are you insane ? do you even know how much $500 million is ? the don't pay epic nearly as much not over $100 million(not counting publishing, development and marketing costs). cliffy B is a 360 fanboy already anyways so if you think MS has to pay him so much to prevent gears from coming to a platform he hates for no reason then you are very confused.

Epic had always planned for gears to be xbox 360 exclusive that decision was made even before 360 launched so its clear that you have no clue what you're talking about

k-dillinger2605d ago

in other words they pay them close to 500 million to not come to ps3 lol.. thats why i cant respect them the walk around throwing money at devs trying to buy 1st place in the gaming industry smdh when will they learn.

units2605d ago

is this guy on crack?

donniebaseball2605d ago

In terms of sales, it is being held back. That's the nature of a game that's exclusive to just one platform. If Epic could sell Gears to both 360 and PS3 owners, that would up the sales total a lot.

Mustang300C20122605d ago

same thing can be said about any exclusive. Uncharted, Killzone etc.

user83971442605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

Not really. CoD is hurting alot of games right now.

Why would you want to buy another game when one game can give you all your online needs like CoD? I wouldn't but I don't like CoD.

gamingdroid2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )


Yup, all exclusive games are held back in SALES which is what this article addresses. Pacther is NOT talking about the technical aspect of the game.

The article title is just misleading.


Right, because a product selling and in demand is hurting gamers?

How is CoD hurting gamers?

It sounds more like to me gamers prefer CoD....

gamingdroid2604d ago

***Why would you want to buy another game when one game can give you all your online needs like CoD? I wouldn't but I don't like CoD.***

So you are arguing that because of CoD, gamers won't buy anything else and that hurts gamers?

That applies to all products in all industries, not just video games. It's at the heart of capitalism, as consumers vote with their wallets.

That is hardly hurting consumers, unless giving consumers what they want is hurting them!

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NiteX2605d ago

I wouldn't completely hate it if Gears 3 came to PC.

Nykamari2605d ago

Do you understand his statement? Key word is " wouldn't".

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