When did competition breed stupidity in the video game industry?

Last week ended up being a heavy time for news. After all, joyous news of finding out that GameStop pulled free OnLive coupons from the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Not to mention Microsoft coming out and saying they have no interest in publishing games on XBLA that were published on PSN first. All this spiteful news, and that was just last week.

So when did competition start breeding so much stupidity?

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darthv722630d ago

they should have been more outspoken to the publisher for versions specifically to be sold in their stores. I know that games may not be in the same league as movies or music when it comes to retail but stores like walmart and target and best buy generally have versions of dvd's/cd's that have something exclusive to their stores.

Bonus content or an extra disc you cant get from the other places. If Gamestop is in the process of releasing their own service then I can see why they did it. You dont want to promote the other guy if you are trying to promote yourself. If they had also been up front in saying they were not going to distribute the onlive coupon with some sort of sticker on the package. Then the consumer could make that call for themselves.

As for the xbl game publishing thing...well can you blame them for wanting to get everything first? To quote the great Ricky Bobby....if you aint first, you're last.