Call of Duty Vita: More Appealing Than Uncharted, Resistance

Chris Buffa (Modojo): PlayStation Vita, do I really want one of these things?

Don't get me wrong. It's a wonderful looking system with a variety of interesting features.

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fluffydelusions2606d ago

Wish MW3 or BF3 could go to Vita. This sounds like a standalone PSV game which means no cross gaming between PS3/PSV + it's Treyarch who did a horrid job on the PS3 version of Black Ops.

fear882606d ago

Troll site does nothing but troll.

MaxXAttaxX2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Apparently this guy thinks that PSV without Call of Duty is completely worthless.
He's already carrying TWO phones(iPhone and Android), a 3DS, a DS(3DS already plays DS games, so why?) and then a tablet.
But now that there's a new and impressive PlayStation handheld system, suddenly NOW is too much?

Then "other people" will complain about it having "nothing but console ports" instead of unique/standalone games.

They should change this category from sh***y "opinion piece" to "obvious trolling".

Misterhbk2606d ago

I actually have a feeling that the Single Player will be new but the multiplayer will be the same as Modern Warfare 3, allowing for cross play. It makes sense because it means less work for them to finish the game and it'd be likely that the game would then launch with the Vita.

blackburn102606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Another Modojo article with negativity towards Sony. What did Sony do kill their dog or something? What's with them riding Sony's @$$ these days?

xf2606d ago

Screw COD, give me a Timesplitters game on the Vita.

banjadude2606d ago

Hell ya! Multiplayer deathmatch as the monkey!

xf2606d ago

A monkey?
Or a zombie,
Or an alien,
Or a snowman,
Or a hand (remember Mr. Handyman?),
Or a detective,
Or a duck,
Or the gingerbread man,
There were loads more in the Timesplitters games. These days it's just Boring Army Good Guy vs Boring Army Bad Guy.

banjadude2606d ago

lol, you can tell it's been so long since I lasted played. Definitely miss all those character types you mentioned!

Zechs342606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Honestly, IMO, they said no multiplayer gaming over 3G. That killed the hope that was the CoD on Vita overtaking everything lol...

Think about it. CoD multi on the go? Even the haters would have to give it up lol

RugbyGod2606d ago


I can relate to this guy....he's not bashing at all. I am a complete PS3 lover and he points out the obvious to CoD fans.

Vita's success is the industry's gain. It will need CoD's help, like it or not.

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