"Battlefield 3 is One of the Best Looking Games Ever" - Nvidia CM

Kris Rey, Nvidia's Community Manager, has nothing but high praise for the graphics of Battlefield 3.

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iXenon2603d ago

Don't shoot me looks better than Uncharted 3...

Criminal2603d ago

PC vs. PS3. You can't really compare, unless you're saying PS3 version of BF3 looks better than Uncharted 3.

iamnsuperman2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

@iXenon I would then disagree. What we have seen form UC 3 looks better that what we have seen of BF3 (only on PS3-also worth noting the lack of PS3 footage for BF3 out there hasn't helped)

Pixel_Pusher2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )


I respectfully disagree.

Shackdaddy8362603d ago

I think they are graphically equal on the PS3 about. It's more or less an art style thing imo.

But then again we've seen like 2 videos of BF3 on PS3 and that's it...

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RedDead2603d ago

No need to say that, we all know. Anyone that actually tries for a PC game since 2007 will have a better looking game than Uncharted. At least on a technical level

RyuCloudStrife2603d ago

On PC. Uncharted 3 is not for the PC soo yeah your comment doesn't make sense.

qwertyz2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

the pc verison of battlefied 3 makes all console games look like ps2 games, so does the following pc games

witcher 2
crysis 1(even without mods)
crysis warhead
crysis 2(even without mods or directx11 patch, mods or high res texture pack)
metro 2033
gta IV with mods
shogun 2

by the end of this year you can add battlefied 3, rage and skyrim to the list. consoles where never powerful even a 2005 dual gpu high end pc is more powerful than ps3/360 a 2006 single gpu high end pc is 5-7 times more powerful than ps3/360 so technically pc completely eclipsed consoles in power by late 2006.

the 512mb ram consoles use has been outdated since 2004!

in fact most multiplatform games that make it to pc look better than anything on consoles including gears 3 and uncharted 3 but battlefield 3 console version does more than uncharted 3/gears 3 in terms of scale, physics, AI etc an still looks better

on consoles it

battlefield 3>uncharted 3=gears of war 3

the ps3 fanboys and hardcore xbots will disagree but I will give dice the respect they deserve.

edit: if you want to know what uncharted 4 will look like then play witcher 2 maxed out :)


I forgot witcher 2, I've added it to the list and mordern warfare 2 maxed out with 16xAA 16x AF at 1080p looks better than killzone 3 in my opinion

InNomeDiDio2603d ago

Also The Wichter 2. Hell even MW2 looks better on PC than most console games

Hufandpuf2603d ago

I have an xbox but I'm not dumb. PC is better than console.

Criminal2603d ago

@qwertyz An epic comment, bubble up from me.

I wish I had a PC that can run BF3.

sak5002603d ago


You comment was decent till you put the line "the ps3 fanboys and hardcore xbots will disagree"

I am a 360 fan since 2005 when the games on it surpassed my PC having i believe 6800GT or something at that time as i have changed vga cards more than i can remember. But i never doubted the power of pcs and neither most 360/pS3 console gamers. I dont know why many ps3/sony followers have blinders on and can't see anything wrong what sony does or have done. Or that their console can't match any decent pc in past 4 years.

However for BF3 i might only use pc as my current PC config should suffice to play BF3 at almost top settings (Core i5 760 2.8 @ 4.01ghz / 2 x 2gb DDR3 1600, EAH5870 1GB DDR5, 1 x 128SSD (windows), 1 x 500 Gb and 1 x 250gb).

So not all console gamers are blind or ignorant. Just some fanboys.

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rob60212603d ago

'Better' is hard to quantify. If you said more detailed, more realistic I would say yes, but if you said prettier - that's something Uncharted 3 will probably beat it on.

xtremexx2603d ago

on pc i agree but then again if uncharted 3 was on pc, then it would look awesome aswell

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Orpheus2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

They say they hav used tessellation but screens so far do not show ne sign of it ... may be the demo will

JsonHenry2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

Look at their uniforms, the weapons they carry, and the bricks/thing laying around for the tessellation.

No, it is tessellation.. you just don't seem to be impressed by it is all. :)

Orpheus2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

Thats not tessellation thats normal mapping along wth high polycount than avg

look at the helmets, sunglasses and clothes to see edges and big rocks which have a painted look to note that they have not used tessellation and in tweeter they have said terrain tessellation will not be there until the beta or retail arrives

but terrain wont suffice we want character model tessellation

Orpheus2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

Read this plz

Edit -- look at the helmets you will see edges otherwise go to eye doctor and if u r being sarcastic then ur joke has been appreciated :-) its nice :P

JsonHenry2603d ago

You just made my point.. and it didn't say exclusively terrain and terrain only.

Hitman07692603d ago

Cant wait to play it but Starhawk will defeat it for gameplay

john22603d ago

can't wait for the beta, let's hope that DICE will unlock those ultra settings

Criminal2603d ago

I think they will, beta build will be very similar to the final build so it should have ultra.

xtremexx2603d ago

beta, beta, beta, beta, beta, beta, beta, beta, beta, beta, beta, beta,

i seriously cant wait, im new to BF3 but it looks amazing

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