New Secret Achievement in BioShock

A quick look at the BioShock's page over at confirms that there is new secret Achievement to be found, bringing the game's total points to 1100. But what is it?

According to GamerTagRadio, if you manage to beat the game on Hard without dying, you'll earn the 100-point Bulletproof Achievement.

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chester4929d ago

damn near impossible acheivement. should be fun trying though. lots of save/reloads going on there, if that'll work.

davidadrake4929d ago

aren't they coming out with some new DLC with new tonics and stuff? why would they add an achievement like this? it probably has something to do with the new content, like gears and oblivion did.

razer4929d ago

Too many good games coming out to even entertain this achievement.

aba4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

I just got Mario Galaxy, i'll be getting Assassin's Creed. Already have Halo 3 , COD 4, and the Orange Box. I haven't even gotten to episodes 1+2 or Portal!

BLlNK4929d ago

I was looking at my acheivments. And I only need 50 points. And for some reason there were two achievments there. The one counting for 50 and the other was secret.

predator4929d ago

damn talk about that, ha, i bet people will be saving every time they see a big daddy haha

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