Black Ops sold over 23 million units and over 18 million map packs in first nine months

There are quite a few folks with either an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops. Just over 23 million, in fact, as of numbers tallied following the first nine months of sales by its publisher. Activision revealed as much during an analyst call this afternoon, showing continued sales growth for the Call of Duty franchise versus install base numbers for the two HD consoles combined.

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LOGICWINS4104d ago

Guess that means map pack prices will go up now that Activision knows that theres is a huge demand for them.

fluffydelusions4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

Doubt it. They catch enough shit for the current pricing model. Can't picture them being bold enough to raise it even more but then again...

-Alpha4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

The price has never been different to the content.

For 3 maps they charged $10
For 5 maps they charged $15

If they were to raise the price to $20, then they'd include 2 more maps.

Even though $15-$20 for DLC in the timespan of one year for like 4 DLC packs sounds expensive for most gamers, a lot of people just play COD exclusively and Activision is going to ride that pony until the end.

aGameDeveloper4103d ago

In Soviet Russia, maps got YOU.

M_Prime4103d ago

lol @aGameDeveloper

well said man

Ares844103d ago

I'm guilty in buying Map packs!!! Now I only buy them for the zombie map. I wish they would sell that separately but they won't since no one would buy the other maps by themselves.

As for MW3, I will not buy it so I will not buy any of it's DLC either.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr34103d ago

Speaking of map packs, it's funny all these COD killers don't even provide half the content that COD provides to their fans.

DaTruth4103d ago

My friends hardly play games and practically never play online! I think I would buy almost any game if my friends would play with me online!

I have friends who would surf through random Facebook profiles for hours and barely play their consoles! I know there's no accounting for taste, but WTF!

jeseth4103d ago

From the point of a PS3 gamer that doesn't pay for online play...

COD and its map packs are not very expensive when you break it down. I know COD is not for everyone on this site but I put over 20 days into MW2 online with my friends. I paid $60 bucks plus $30 for map packs... so $90 bucks for 480 hours of gaming.

Thats 18 Cents and hour! Where else can you entertain yourself for 18 cents an hour?

I know people hate on COD and it is deserving of criticism, but I do enjoy it with my friends and we have fun. So a $90 dollar investment for that kind of replay is worth it. Especially when I'll also by awesome SP games like God of War and inFamous and be done with the campaign in 12 hours or so. So to me its just all a convenient way to take cheap shots at COD.

bakasora4103d ago

Increase the game to $120, hardcore COD fan will still buy it.

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iamnsuperman4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

possibly. I think the best way is to up it by 5 but add something small to make it seem like a better deal. In a way the amount of map packs releasing or Black Ops hints at same price but more frequent map packs

LOGICWINS4104d ago

"Doubt it. They catch enough shit for the current pricing model"

No, the "shit" you hear predominantly occurs on the Internet within informed gamer hubs such as N4G. Given the 18 million map packs sold in the first nine months, its pretty obvious that not too many people in the outside world are bitching about the price.

raWfodog4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

This is what I keep trying to get across to people who wonder why publishers keep releasing the 'same game' year after year. If there is an obvious demand for the game and tons of people keep buying it, why wouldn't you keep putting it out?

That's common business sense, old supply and demand at work. In no way is this stating Sales = Quality. It just means a lot of people wanted to play a familiar game that they enjoyed.

gamingdroid4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

I don't even see an issue with the entire thing of releasing the same thing (although I disagree that it isn't the same thing).

One could almost argue that all shooters are the same thing or heck, that all video games are the same thing. They all work on a screen don't they for entertainment?

If people want it, let them have it.

It really is an elitist attitude.

sikbeta4104d ago

Market is definitely there, so they can exploit it the way they want, by looking at these numbers, they pretty much has covered the FPS market-field and will do until COD loss its "charm" or whatever it is that makes +20m people buy the damned games, the same way Capcom kind of found a market for their Super-Ultra-Gold rehashes with added content compared to their normal releases, kind of the GOTY Edition of games, but without being GOTY :P

jspc19894103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

I dunno, perhaps it's my age (and i'm only 22), but just recently I seem to be going off FPS's can have too much of a good thing. That's not to say they don't look good, i think MW3 and BF3 look very good in both of their respective ways.....but of all the games in my shopping list this fall, neither of these are one of them (and I have a pc capable or running BF3).

Funnily enough aside from my Ultimate Metal Gear Solid HD collection my two other most anticipated games are Skyrim (shocking eh!) and Catherine.

But back to the article, those are some immense numbers! There maybe people who don't like Activision as a publisher and may dislike the CoD games, but noone can deny they're obviously doing something right! And i'm not self righteous enough to be telling people how to spend their time - everyone's entitled to do what they enjoy!

Only thing that bugs me and it's quite a major thing is, the stereotype CoD player is the 13 year old boy running his mouth (don't flame me, i only said the stereotype not all or even the majority) - and most of the CoD games are 16+....i've never seen such group ignorance of an age rating of any product anywhere else! It's CoD so noone bats an eyelid lol.

DaTruth4103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

Me too! I have own both Resistance games and am not even anticipating the third game! On top of that, I can't even play through the campaigns again, and I play all my games multiple times!

I just feel burnt out on FPS's, like the whole format isn't doing it for me anymore and developers can't seem to find anything new to do with it!

I'm almost turned off of Skyrim, just because it's in the first person! Maybe I'll hold out until I get a capable PC and there's a third person mod!

ForTheFallen4103d ago

"obviously doing something right"
Popular? Surely. Right? Debatable.
What do you call it when a product has a stranglehold on a market and uses that influence to force people to pay higher prices for something that they shouldn't have to pay that much for?
Oh yeah, a monopoly. A manipulative, greedy monopoly.

jspc19894103d ago

@ForTheFallen - The issue is in this example there are ALOT of alternatives. Noone is forcing anyone to pay for anything, people are doing it because they want to, not because they don't have a say in the matter.

And popular for the general masses may not equal good for you or I, but it obviously does for them, as they're the ones that keep buying it, and i'm sure when they're finally sick of it, they will stop buying it. I know alot of people who game casually who buy it, and they're far from being idiots.

2v14103d ago

THIS GAMEis like $57 use at game stop and has been like that since release.....Patcher is right mw3 will sell more than bf3.10 to 1 ratio

zeddy4103d ago

this wont happen again, black ops is horse shit and i'll never trust treyarch with a game again.

StanLee4103d ago

Dude, give it a rest. Say you wont buy another Call of Duty game and you know what, you're the minority. I heard the same silliness before Black Ops was released about Modern Warfare 2. You wont buy it, cool, not need to tell anyone else your sob story.

ATi_Elite4103d ago

and Zeddy is posting this from his tent while camped out in front of Best Buy with a sign that reads.....

"I'm gonna be the first kid on my block with a MW3 Kill"



I only buy the standalone game for 40$ on the supermarket on release. I know there is a CoD next year more worth waiting for that than buy map packs.

sak5004103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )


That's no excuse. I've made quite few friends while playing online games. Either they like my gaming skills and add me or prob hate me for pawning them and then they ask to friend me. Whatever LOL.

If your current friends dont share the same hobby you can have more friends who do :D

OT: I only bought one map pack for MW2 and never again. Had bought before for BF2142 and BF2 though on PC.

DA_SHREDDER4103d ago

you pay for the map packs? lmao!

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Godmars2904104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

And this why we will only see more overpriced map packs: because they make money and people are stupid enough to buy them.

And as someone not into COD, I have to deal with a market that carters to it more and more.

iamnsuperman4104d ago

Stupid or the only thing they want to play. I can see if all you want to do it play COD with your friends buying these map packs isn't so bad. They miss out on so many games but these people are happy enough to have a session after school/work and that is all they have time for and that is all there friends do

raWfodog4104d ago

So you assume that everyone who bought the maps only plays COD and no other games...


So with that same reasoning, are you saying that buyers of DLC only play that game for which they bought the DLC? I'm trying to understand the reasoning in your comment.

Chocoboh4103d ago

speaking of buying map packs to play with friends you can actually share the map pack download cost or w/e with your friends and share it with them

I've done it with a few games now

-Alpha4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

Don't blame the rest of the market for COD. As annoying as it is to see COD be so huge and do so little, it doesn't mean that you can't completely ignore it.

If other devs are trying to be like COD, that's not Activision's fault. What annoys me more than COD's silly success is devs who try to be like COD and then fans who decide to blame COD instead

sikbeta4103d ago

Exactly, devs can't go against COD, devs can't share the COD success by making their own FPS trying to be like COD, it's like the third party support on the wii, every dev tried to replicate Nintendo games to achieve the same success, FAILED, moved to the HD consoles and start chasing COD sales by making military-based FPS games, FAILED ... now, moving to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to replicate Angry Birds success and we all know how its gonna end :P

iNMyFiN4LH0uR4103d ago

why is CODs success "annoying" or "silly"?

raWfodog4104d ago

Yeah, I'm not understanding how people are 'stupid' for buying a product that they obviously want. I'm sure you have made some purchases in your life that others wouldn't but no one could call you stupid for it. You had the money and it was something you wanted, right?

gamingdroid4104d ago

Well said!

In fact, quality is pretty subjective when it comes to games and calling others "stupid" for buying something is rather immature in my opinion.

Skateboard4104d ago

I just buy the game not the DLC.

TheRag4103d ago

YES!! Thank you!!!
seems like we're a dying species.. :x

allyc4t4104d ago

And this is why Activision releases a new CoD every year. It's easy money.

nitrogav4104d ago

I was`nt one of the 23 million !!