Game studios 'cannot supply demand from publishers'

Latest UKTi research shows consolidation and market expansion have changed the market. has published the latest in their exclusive extracts from the Playing for Keeps report Games Investor Consulting has put together for UKTi and Tiga - with the latest research, a look at the commercial models for the games industry, revealing that the industry is being restructured as new deals are being done.

Topline details include the conclusion that, as publishers look to expand their portfolio and anticipate the apex of the current platform cycle, developers may not be able to meet demand, as consolidation, rising development costs and a growing, fractured marketplace has its effect.

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It´s yours, D R Fz, didn´t see it until my version was on pending!

iilluminate4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

Publishers should start focusing on producing fewer but higher quality games. The likes of EA have tremendous resources, but in their haste to release the same titles each year many of the games fail to reach their full potential, scoring in the 6/7/8 range. Compare this with Nintendo who show you can be highly profitable while investing in longer development time to produce top notch games like Mario and Smash Bros.

I hope publishers see the value in offering paid-for patches instead of forcing the consumer to re-buy the game. Shelf life of games would improve considerably and good games would not go unnoticed amongst the swarm of re-releases.

Developers don't have the time to make the best out of a game when they have under a year to come up with the next version.