Ubisoft screws with PS3 Splinter Cell fans - adapt or die

Xbox 360 owners might be crying out for the HD remastered versions of the first three Splinter Cell games but it seems a number of PS3 gamers have been royally screwed with the recently released remakes.

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KingSlayer2696d ago

All over a inverted cam? Sensationalist headline to say the least.

Abash2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

What exactly does the PS3 exclusive collection have to do with the 360?

Oh wait, it's just that low-end Xbox site that tries to make as many negative PS3 articles as it can.

buddymagoo2696d ago

Their user base must be dwindling for the website to keep making these sorts of headlines.

lociefer2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

wow, talk about a cheap attempt for hits

Rage_S902695d ago

msxboxworld are the worst site on n4g i can't believe people take them seriously. They literaly look for the most flamebait articles possible. How this sh*t get's approved is beyond me, vote them down to hell i say.

Istanbull2695d ago Show
CameronL992695d ago

Turns out the real thing gamers have t obe mad about is the crappy framerate, according to Eurogamer its worse than the original which is bafelling - a real n00b development team must have handled this one lol.

qwertyz2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

wrong. the ps3 splinter cell collection was badly done all games had terrible frame rate problems and couldn't maintain 30fps when this gen consoles can effortlessly do 60fps even in 3d. looks like ubisoft messed up really badly. they always preferred 360 so I'm not surprised in fact I'd say that they intentionally made a crappy collection

A-Glorious-Dawn2694d ago


"in fact I'd say that they intentionally made a crappy collection"

Do yo seriously believe they would risk that?
What dev intentionally makes a bad game?

this is totally moronic...

malol2694d ago

that's sad
really sad

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Persistantthug2695d ago

This game, an obvious cash in on the part of Ubisoft, was never on my holiday TO BUY list in the first place.

Metal Gear SOLID Collection might be though.....but I'm not 100 on that either.

Highlife2695d ago

I always play with the y axis inverted. I have been playing that way for years. I can't go back to the other way. I will play after my son does and he has it the regular way and I go to play and I just can't do it. It is so alien to me. That is a simple feature to add. It should be there. For me to go back it would be like asking a pilot to pull back to go down.

Persistantthug2695d ago

Just kidding.

NiKK_4192695d ago

Yeah, I play inverted too. Always have. It's just what I'm used to.

ARMY_HAWK2695d ago

Yup same here. Well only with a controller

Blaine2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

When I was a kid, games were inverted, and you didn't have the option to change it. So that's what I'm used to now.

I get so ticked off when a game won't give me the option to invert the Y axis. Seriously, how lazy does a dev have to be not to implement that option?? I rarely put up with a game that I can't invert.

All my friends play non-inverted, and when we alternate playing we always have to go in the options and change the setting back and forth!

Edit: now that I think of it, even though inverted is the way I've always played, it's not always my default reaction when there's a crosshairs on the screen. Strangely, when I don't have control over player-movement (like in Red Dead Redemption, during shooting duels) my first instinct will be to control the crosshairs in a non-inverted way. But if I don't have the option to go both, then I get used to it quickly.

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garos822695d ago

sensastionalist yeah, but no inverted cam is an immediate problem for me. this is old news there was already another article on n4g saying this and saved me some money from buying them

Anon19742695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Wow. msxbox again more concerned about PS3 stories than xbox stories. What gives?

It's an inverted camera option. Who cares? Not every game has them. Are those games immediately unplayable?

chrisgay2695d ago

I'm sure people who play with inverted cameras care (myself included). I'd prefer it if you didn't talk on behalf of myself and all the other gamers affected by this- if you don't care about the issue, go do something else instead of spreading your nonsense.

BlackTar1872695d ago

yea it heavily affects me. If i get a game without the option i don't play the game.

that simple and its a stupid thing to leave out. i grew up with flight sims so it was natural

Darrius Cole2695d ago

Yes, I play every game inverted in first person, and third person. If a game does not have those options then I can't play it, and I won't try to play it. In today's market I don't have to try; there are so many good games that I can't play because I don't have the time. I'm not going to force myself to try a game that won't let me invert the y-axis.

damnyouretall2694d ago

i dont play inverted unless its, say a jet or heli. the transition never bothers me from fps to vehicle. but yeah i feel for yall inverted folks. some say its acually better to play inverted

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With no Multiplayer (they get rid of the Multiplayer feature), that is unacceptable.

SilentNegotiator2695d ago

It's stupid that Ubisoft would not allow it as an option, but msxbox-world is obviously just doing what they do best; dumping on the ps3 in absence of 360 games to discuss.

They're obviously exaggerating; More people play non-inverted these days and I can't imagine someone not having played a game without the option in the last 10 years (9 since the release of the first SC) without missing out on some great games that also overlooked the option.

Leviathan2695d ago

Seriously? You guys don't think this will get patched?

Blaze9292695d ago

It's Ubisoft...don't hold your breathe for a patch. 6-8 weeks to put in a camera toggle option, pls go.

JonDiskonected2694d ago

it was never for silent hill homecoming

Statix2695d ago

I don't care how sensationlist the headline is; if a game doesn't have an inverted camera option, I WILL NOT BUY THE GAME. Simple as that. The publisher will not be getting my money.

Pure and simple, I've always been of the mindset that inverted y-axis is the proper way to control games, but now we have all these noob, newcomers to videogames that have flooded the market with their ignorant default camera setting. "Duhhhh, pushing forward on the stick/mouse means looking UP! Yeah, that must be it! Duhhhhhhhh..."

Camera preferences aside, imagine if a game came out and FORCED you to use inverted aim. If you have been playing with default y-axis controls your whole life, then that would make the game completely, 100% unplayable for you, wouldn't it?

seinfan2694d ago

I wouldn't say it's "sensationalist". I'd like to see somebody play inverted from their normal preference and find out if they think it's alright. I play with normal axis orientation, but if I were forced to play inverted, I'd find the game unplayable.

NewZealander2694d ago

yeah what a freaking whining baby, get the hell over it.

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disturbing_flame2696d ago

Why the article is not titled Ubisoft screws XBOX Splinter Cell fans by not releasing the game on 360 ?

I think it would be fair if we consider that an aiming possibility is absent in the game.
Maybe msxbox is more focused on small problems than on bigger ones.

GamersRulz2695d ago

you're right, what the hell is he thinking ?

JoGam2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

So true...Bubbles

I actually play ALL my games inverted so guess I won't be buying this game.

zerofourseven2696d ago

Does it really matter who reports the news, as it is still news. I am sure most of the staff at MS Xbox World play PS3 as well

Silly gameAr2696d ago

Doesn't seem like news to me. It seems like one of those "you can't do that there but you can do it here" articles. Not being able to tweak camera controls screws PS3 Splinter Cell fans? I think King slayer said it best.

morganfell2695d ago

It would seem like news except for the fact that the trend of past PS3 articles reveals and easily recognizable agenda.

marioPSUC2696d ago

Is this some kind of joke article or something? Is this really that massive of a problem that people would say Ubisoft has screwed PS3 owners?

Considering this is a website mainly for Xbox, you'd think they would have said "Ubisoft Screws Xbox owners"

Bathyj2693d ago

I wouldnt save Ubi screwed me.

More like they screwed themselves out of a sale.

But I am upset, I was really looking forward to this collection and now I'll only get it once/if its patched.

NotSoSilentBob2695d ago

Wait Ubisoft not releasing a full game and having bugs/troubles with the software.....Theres a shock.