The Most Wonderful Time of the Year... Except for Video Game Publishers

The Morton Report: Christmas will again be flooded by game software no one can reasonably afford.

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kramun2630d ago

So many great games out this year, and all of the really good ones are multiplat.

Everyones a winner.

Enate2630d ago

A lot of them are multiplats not all.

Saryk2630d ago

I will buy more during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Steam sales. Because I can stomach buying 10 games for $50.00 thru $100.00 than one game. This holiday season will make or break some studios because there are only so many games people can buy at full price.........

kma2k2630d ago

This is the part of the year im glad i have gamefly. Last year i got 9 new releases on release day between September & November. This year there are 12 games i really want to play that are all new releases. Damn you gamefly i love you. Its gonna cost me $74.98 after tax for those three months & i will get ill get $775 worth of games for 1/10th the price. Serisouly people come on!

kreate2630d ago

Not everyone has good experience w gamefly like u.

gamefly gives me the games they want to give me instead of the games I really want.

They usually give me crappy games or old games.

1 game was on my list for 10 months before I finally cancelled my subscription. I just went to the store and just bought it myself.

kma2k2630d ago

Learn to work there system & you are good, Only have the game you want in your game q, if its a new release make sure it in your game q way ahead of time & have an open spot a few days before it comes out & you will get new releases almost every time. In the year + ive had gaemfly only 2 games did i not get on release day. Basically your game q should just be full of games comming out in the future & the one game you want to play right now, they will ship that out, sometimes it just takes a day or two. There are tutorials online, just follow those, thats what i did & i almost always get the game i want.