Onechanbara Z: Kagura debut trailer

The first trailer for Onechanbara Z has been released.

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Venox20082694d ago

now the biggest question might be "won't it be monotonous", because earlier games were... if this won't have monotonousity, it might be a good game

zeal0us2693d ago

Sad when good dev companies get close and we end up with crap(no offense to fans of this series)like this.

NYC_Gamer2693d ago

Used to watch my friend play this garbage

SuicidalTendencies2693d ago

If none of you are interested in the game why the hell did you bother commenting? People just love to be asses. Personally I'm looking forward to it and hoping it hits NA.

ShaunCameron2691d ago

It does have a NA tentative release date of 3/2/2012.

Too bad there will be no PS3 version, because if do buy it, I was hoping OCZK would be avaliable since I already got the Wii and XB360 versions. Both seperate games with the same characters.