The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim - Xbox Exclusive Content Alienates PS3 Fans

GameBandits: Nobody likes feeling left out. This is basic human nature. However, one of the most effective marketing approaches is to make a small group of people feel exclusive or appeal to the human desire for exclusivity. This is the dilemma Bethesda Softworks, the developer of The Elder Scrolls 5 – Skyrim, finds itself in. When it announced that Xbox 360 users will be the first to get access to DLC content for

The Elder Scrolls 5 – Skyrim, PS3 users felt left out. Bethesda should have known better – it should have seen this coming. It is not like we haven’t seen this before.

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WhiteLightning2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

I wouldn't be surprized that PS3 owners feel ticked off because most of the stuff Bethesda have said in interviews leading up to E3 and even after that both of the console versions will be equal, they're wasn't going to be a version better then the other but the DLC thing isn't really giving PS3 fans much hope since they already have been disspointed with no PS3 footage shown. It's like Bethesda are giving console owners a hint without saying anything..."Buy the 360 version it will be better" and that's why I've pre ordered it for the 360. Usualy when a console get's exclusive DLC it usualy means that at the end of the day that version of the game will be better (better for console owners anyway)

In my opinion if someone were to get DLC first I think PC owners should of been the ones to get it, as a console owner I wouldn't of cared because the Elder Scrolls first started on the PC so it would make sense it they got a few things here and there before us but it's like they're even giving them the middle finger.

Gray-Fox-Type02631d ago

game of this whole generation.

5119ent2631d ago

Game of this mw1

gaffyh2631d ago

If by mw1 you mean Uncharted 3, I agree with you.


On topic - I don't really think this matters much, I'm getting the game on 360, but even if it didn't have exclusive content, it wouldn't make much difference to me. And it's only a 30 day exclusivity, most people won't even have finished the main game by then.

RememberThe3572631d ago

511 is right though. That game shaped this entire generation of shooters. I know it's not cool to give COD props but IW made one hell of a great game in COD4. Now, since then the series has gotten stale to me, but that game was amazing at the time.

This game looks really good and I'll still rent it for PS3, this doesn't really both me too much. MS needs something, right now all they have is Gears.

zeal0us2631d ago

Please god let it be shiny new horse armor b/c thats what I want(sarcasm)

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dark-hollow2631d ago

Exclusive DLC for multiplats should not exist!!!

NukaCola2631d ago

This title is kind of lame. Even the most influential community AKA the PC crew who mod and are getting the highest quality of game, are getting the shaft...but in all honesty., it's only 30 days. Unless your like Hakoom or something like that you wont finish it all before the DLC comes out.

I get exclusive DLC, but really? You would think the devs would rather have 100% of gamers on both systems playing the game..than well 60% 360 or 50% PS3 or visa versa.

I don't even know what is going on this gen. It was never like this in the las 30 plus years that console gaming has been around. I really think current console marketeers are ruining the industry.

jaosobno2631d ago

Well I was considering Skyrim or Dark Souls for my fall RPG, but because of DLC exclusivity I'm going with Dark Souls.

Tr10wn2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Why is this a big deal? i mean when Batman:AA got their exclusive joker DLC on ps3 no one was crying and that was a permanent exclusive dlc not timed like this and beside Batman, EA is doing it with their games too so what is the problem? PS3 can have all the exclusivity but the 360 owners no?

@jaosobno Dark Soul come a month early than Skyrim and you are considering buying Skyrim or Dark Soul? i will play Dark Soul then go to Skyrim both games are day 1 unless you are waiting for santa then well i guess you'll only take 1.

gamingdroid2631d ago

or Kratos in Mortal Kombat for PS3.

Felinox2630d ago

What about store specific DLC? This is what really grinds my gears. OOoh I bought my copy from Best Buy so i get an ingame geek squad armor!

Remember when you got real swag for pre-ordering like shirts and posters. Them were the good old days...

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MysticStrummer2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Actually when one console gets exclusive DLC, it means the other will get the same DLC later. This is in no way a hint that the 360 version is better and to think otherwise is kinda silly, given the number of times this scenario has been played out this generation. It's a hint that MS was willing to pay more to have DLC on their console first. Sometimes Sony does the same thing. If this was an average length game, having DLC first would be a much bigger deal than with a game like this, where just playing the regular content can add up to a huge chunk of your time. Anyway, I don't feel slighted in the least. It's just business.

TBM2631d ago

Meh how cares the game has plenty on content to begin with. I'll be getting the PS3 version in december and the game itself will be enough to hold me over.

Dfooster2631d ago

It means that Microsoft paid Bethesda a sum of money to get the dlc first. It has nothing to do with if the xbox version will be better than the ps3 version.

Iroquois_Pliskin2631d ago

imo 360 will only beta test the DLC... lol think of it like this: Microsoft pays Bethesda extra money, that money will surely go towards ironing out any bugs in the dlc for the ps3

SasquatchXD2631d ago

Just like oblivion :]

By the time PS3 got it the huge issues were ironed out.

newleaf2631d ago

Ps3 fanboys are the biggest bunch of whiners gaming has dues produced. Its just a freaking month. 360 didn't even get the extra content that shipped FREE with the ps3 versions of rdr, mafia 2, medal of honour, batman aa, dead space 2, assassin's creed didn't see xbox fanboys having b!tch fits all around about it. You sony lovers are so darn entitled. Its all high fives and fist pumps when assassin's creed gets FREE ps3 beta but heaven forbid xbox 360 owners get to PAY for dlc before you lil girls do.
End rant.

Omar912631d ago

You are absolutely right dude. There greedy littke fucks

RememberThe3572631d ago

Actually we did see 360 fanboys throwing b*tch fits, you just conveniently ignored it. But I agree with you though, this isn't a big deal at all. Most of the people hear complaining wont even pick up this game so they're just bitching to bitch. I wont even be getting to this game until next year with all the games that are coming out. These little p*ssy fanboys need to nut up or shut up. It just a god damn video game.

ThatCanadianGuy2630d ago

Really? did you read any comments from 360 fanboys on the devs forums for those games? pretty bitchy stuff.LOL when ME2 went multiplat there was death threats on biowares site.Death threats.

Don't act like either side is better then the other.

JaredH2631d ago

Bethesda gave the 360 DLC for Fallout 3 and New Vegas first too. They even released Oblivion at a later date(but with improved graphics) so I am not surprised at all and don't see how anyone is.

SilentNegotiator2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Welcome to like, what....2007?

Let the 360 have exclusive content for a month. The smart thing to do is wait a year for the 'GOTY' edition with all of the content included, anyway. Problem solved.

If MS wants to spend millions towards timed DLC that will fund new games, and end up on the ps3 in a short time, all for a slightly larger amount of software sales on one multiplat.....more power to them, I guess.

ARTISAN2631d ago

well now you know how 360 people feel towards bf3 still I'm adamant that both games will rock on both consoles =)

hilyou2631d ago

how bout making the dlc for ps3 owners 50% off or completely FREE! for the price of free ppl will lov u bethesda! u can NOT go wrong at the price of FREE!

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dangert122631d ago

Skyrim MIGHT be a good game It MIGHT be game of the year It MIGHT be one of the worse games of the year.

Though It is a let down there is content we may not get/ get straight away

There will be a host of other games that MIGHT be game of the year and will have Post game DLC on the Ps3 more so then the whats the noise about just this one game about and if you was a big big fan of elder scrolls you would be playing it on the PC IMO were mods have been keeping it fresh like a 1990's will smith

dark-hollow2631d ago

Your comment MIGHT not make any sense!

dangert122631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

I agree also you MIGHT not be able to make sense of it.

What I said that you can't understand is

Yes its a letdown we won't be getting dlc / or dlc at the same time but does It matter we have loads of potentially high quality games on the ps3 that will support DLC


LOL when did i say hmmm this game is not quality because of dlc may not becoming to ps3

I was a hardcore killzone not until kz3 i thought kz3 was automatically going to be good like most elder school fans think with skyrim while I'm not that guliable anymore having learned my lesson...Im getting skyrim though never doubted it because of dlc =/

and your right they might suck
thats not ignorant that is reality
being ignorant is saying its GOTY or the worst game of the year and not touching it or other games to even judge

dark-hollow2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

What I meant is, you started doubting SKYRIM quality because the DLC timed exclusive won't come to your favorite platform for some time?
It's annoying but SKYRIM will be great no doubt.

"but does It matter we have loads of potentially high quality games on the ps3 that will support DLC"
Those games MIGHT suck!!!
See how ignorant does that sounds?

CoReI5K2631d ago

I'm a PC and Xbox30 owner and as a 360 owner i feel privileged to know I'll get to try out DLC long before PS3 owners :)

dangert122631d ago

Why does It actually matter that you get It before us ?

Also since their Is so many hours worth of content In the retail game It will be along time before the dlc is actually needed all It means is you submit your money to them before us In order to play before us your not getting any discounts or anthing nothing is free

barb_wire2631d ago

Wonder if you'll feel privileged when said DLC invalidates your save games? Or there are huge red exclamation marks over objects in the game? .. happened before with Bethesda's DLC

cliffbo2631d ago

well enjoy your timed exclusive DLC. i'm waiting on the exclusive games for ps3

HelghastKid2631d ago

Does that make you feel cool? Do you feel warm inside knowing you get to play it before others? That seems pretty childish. Timed dlc is probably the worst thing this gen regardless of console. I am getting this day one, but its things like this that annoy me.

ronin4life2631d ago

No, the worst kind of dlc is the permenently exclusive kind, like Bioshock 3's PS3 exclusive content (the ENTIRE Bioshock 1 game for free.).
Timed exclusivity is just the "honor" of getting to PAY for somethimg before someone else.

Drekken2631d ago

Easy, cowboy... When you are fapping to DLC for games we already beat for 30days... we will be playing ps3 exclusives and a slew of other multiplat games that are flooding the market.

You have fun playing your buggy DLC game while us PS3 owners will be playing a bunch of games that you will never be playing.

kcuthbertson2631d ago

Don't be a D-bag. I have a PS3 and PC, no 360, but I'm not mad about's really not that big of a deal.

Why can't we just all agree that everyone has different tastes in consoles, games, genre's..etc..

It's not like variety is hurting the industry, in fact we need more of it..look at ALLLL the FPS's.

AngelicIceDiamond2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

@CoRel5K And that kind of Trolling makes me hate I share the same Box that you do and other Xbox trolls.

Persistantthug2631d ago

DEAD SPACE 2: Extra game.....that's means something.

Mortal Kombat: Extra Charater...That means something.

LA Noire: Extra MISSON content...That means something.

PORTAL 2: STEAM INTEGRATION...That means something.

Battle field 3: Extra game included..Means something

COUNTER STRIKE...STEAM Integration...mouse and Keyboard option...maps and DLC is guaranteed....That means something.
Skyrim: 30 early days DLC on a super long game....That means almost next to nothing.

Do you see my point, CoReI5K?

nightmarex1212631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Pretty much this and they also getting an extra mode for saint row the third, bioshock infinite will include the original bioshock, and content for SSX. So I dont know why ps3 owners are complaining they getting a lot of stuff already.

evolution542631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Amen. Someone actually got it.

If anything, I'm glad they did it. I'm sure Microsoft paid extra cash to secure this exclusive DLC deal and the developers of this great game definitely deserve it. I'm sure they poured their hearts and soul into making Skyrim so something extra special is warranted.

Is it fair to the PS3 owners? Not really. But is this exclusive DLC thing going to have a big impact? Probably not as well. As long as you're not playing Skyrim 10+ hours a day, a month is going to blow by you super quick.

ronin4life2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Don't be a jerk, CoRel.

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KingSlayer2631d ago

30 days exclusive? I can wait to potentially spend more money on something I may or may not like.

AngelicIceDiamond2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Again its nothing to get mad/excited about. MS and bethesda did this since the Fallout days I understand console awareness is uped since 08 but its only 30 days plus I'm sure 200 plus hours of gameplay won't fly over peoples heads.