New Final Fantasy XIV Producer Letter Shows Airships, Details the Future

Today Final Fantasy XIV‘s game director Naoki Yoshida published a new producer letter, showing the first picture of the airships that will be implemented in the game at the end of this month with patch 1.19 and detailed what’s going to come with subsequent patches 1.20 and 1.21.

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fluffydelusions2603d ago

I'm not sure why they don't just give up with this game. Maybe if they made it F2P it would get more attention but at this point it seems like a waste of resources Square could use elsewhere.

Abriael2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

Why would they give up on it? The game has improved massively, and it's now very enjoyable to play. They also still have the card of the PS3 launch to play.

There's absolutely no reason to give up on it.

Between software houses "giving up" on games (screwing up everyone that already paid for them) and them working on games further and bringing them up to where they should be (giving customers that have already paid for them their money's worth in the process), I definitely prefer the second option.

I'm always surprised to see how some people would encourage defeatist solutions that would damage everyone (softco AND customers), for some mysterious reason.

In before the "they should put all their resources on the Final fantasy versus XIII messiah!" nonsense.

fluffydelusions2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

But do you really think they are profiting from keeping this game up and running? There is a difference between defeat and knowing when to give up.

Abriael2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

@fluffydelusions: Now no, obviously, since players aren't paying (even if they did sell quite a lot of boxes). When the PS3 version launches, if the game will be up to snuff, there's a solid possibility of them making a nice profit off it.

Maybe add a pimped up launch on steam at a good price point, and there's still a lot of potential for the game.

It's pretty obvious that they're confident on the possibility that it'll turn a profit, otherwise they wouldn't spend so many resources on improving it.

I would say it's good to see a softco willing to invest in the future without immediate returns, instead of just shutting down games and screwing up everyone that already put money on them.

You can bet your monthly wage that many others would have already fired the team, locked up the servers and moved on to the next project, with the result that everyone that bought the game would be out of luck.

Graey2603d ago

@ Abriel.

I have the game installed and I think the game has really good potential. I can see why the first guy says that they should give it up. I am curious to see what steps they implement to bring it in line with at least what is considered standard.

That being said I have a question. Forgive me if you have not but you know in wow where the UI is basically easy to use. If I press #1 it uses whatever skill is in that slot. Or if I double click or right click on a Mob my character will attack.

Is it possible to set FF14 up that way. I mean I really want to play this game but I just keep getting frustrated with the controls. Or would you by any chance have any advice so to speak. Some of the world takes a bit getting used to but I feel I can do that without any problems but the clicking and then clicking again. Or when you want to cast a spell it asks you if you want to cast a solo spell or aoe...can't they just make skills for both or something.

Not that it matters as I'm willing to deal with that as well. Just wondering if it is possible to change the UI and if not what recommendations you might have.


Abriael2603d ago

@Graey: in FFXIV skills are activated exactly like in WoW (or prettty much every other game), you press 1, 2 or 3 or whatever and it fires the skill in that slot of the action bar. You can also create macros so that you can use sequences of skills with CTRL or ALT+number.

If you need any advice, you can send me a private message (or comment directly on the article) as I'm out of bubbles here :D

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Ethereal2603d ago

Keep pushing for the PS3 release! Ill be picking up a copy when it comes out. To the sound of it the new team is doing it right this time.

Drazz2603d ago

I preorded this, played in the beta, kept playing after launch, and quit after a few weeks. It "was" a big empty beautiful world. Sounds like its headed in the right direction though. If SWTOR isn't able to hold me after level cap, I may pick this up again.

Leonesaurus2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

Final Fantasy XIV's heading in an awesome direction! Glad to see people out there are still interested in it and eager to jump in with all the new content, and not looking to poop on it like the new FF XIII game. Something's you just gotta give a fair chance. Even if its a second chance.

greyhaven332603d ago

I will be giving this a try when it releases on the PS3

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