Deus Ex: Human Revolution Infinite Experience Glitch

GameFront, "No game can avoid the ever-looming menace of the glitch, not until a patch comes a long to ruin all our fun. Augmentations are the name of the game, and unlocking the precious powers by gaining experience can take some serious time. Game the system instead of playing the “right” way, and you can quickly unlock a few Praxis points early. We warn all those that want to give this glitch a try — the experience may be infinite, but it still takes some time and effort."

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EvilNecessary2695d ago

As I was trying that glitch on a door instead of a computer, I found out that it does give you small amounts of infinite xp but it will also give you infinite stop worms and nuke's. Does that also hold true when used on the computers?


gotta wonder if these are found by accident, or if people really try to find them lol.

Son_Lee2695d ago

I think it's a little bit of both lol.

MysticStrummer2695d ago

I'm tempted to try this. I already finished the game once but immediately started a new game on the hardest difficulty. This would make it easier... but would cheapen the Trophy... but Trophies are pretty meaningless to me so who cares? :D I'm so glad I bought this game.

Perjoss2695d ago

XP is so easy to make in this game, I don't think there is any point in using a glitch. There is so much XP that you even start spending praxis points on some of the more useless abilities once you have all the good ones.

Dazel2695d ago

I'd rather play the game the way it was intended, your only cheating yourself out of the experience.

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