Major next-gen console news coming tonight

The folks at JOYSTIQ.COM just got handed a scoop for some important news with one of the next-generation consoles.

"We can't talk about any specifics yet, but you have our word that this announcement is something worth waiting for.
Expect all the info tonight here at Joystiq at 12:01 a.m. Eastern."

Update: The "major" next-gen console news has been posted at to many peoples disappointment since they were expeting some big news announcment.


Wii chip production well underway, say IBM, Nintendo

IBM announced that their Broadway chip custom-designed for Nintendo's Wii console has been shipping to Nintendo's since July. "We have been shipping well within this quarter (July)," said Ron Martino, director of IBM Technology Collaboration Solutions. "In fact, we have shipped a significant volume in this quarter."

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OutLaw5865d ago

1)America is getting all the PS3 on release date and Japan also has to wait until march.

2)Stores are able to take Pre orders on the ps3 finally.

3) The Wii price and release date is going to be announced.

4) MS has brought down the price of the 360 premium to $299

Ravenator5295865d ago

1. Doubt it. I don't think that they would drop a bomb like this. I think that they would have known this information yesterday. Why keep dragging the bad news on and on.

2. Maybe, but I doubt it.

3. I totally think that the news is Wii related!

4. No Way! They have already announced that there will be no price drop to coincide with the PS3/Wii launch.

willud4skins5865d ago

im going with 3) the Wii price and release date
maybe one or the other.

m235865d ago

microsoft lowering the price of xbox 360

m235865d ago

actually, it's probably sumthing about the Wii

Rusty Ranchero5865d ago

If this "special announcement" is not PS3 related, I'll go All In, in a Texas Hold'em game for $50,000 on a pair of 2's.

Gamer Tag is: LIVE on LIVE

Dusk5865d ago (Edited 5865d ago )

A previously exclusive game is going to another system, like DMC4 coming to 360.


Wii price details.


Outside chance but......Sony is removing Bluray from the PS3, giving the consumers a console actually designed for gamers at a more realistic price.

m235865d ago

if sony was removing blu-ray then there would be no point of the delay in europe or the shortages

Dusk5865d ago

Yeah, the 3rd was a joke.