Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Trailer – Hero Mode

Saiyan Island: "Namco Bandai has a treat for us to kick start September in the form of a brand new Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi trailer! And Developer Spike has answered our call in the form of Hero Mode - the ability to create your own character and then bring them into battle!"

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Tribulation42603d ago looks like you have to choose an existing character's outfit and simply change the colors... I hope I'm wrong though

RockmanII72603d ago

You can mix and match different parts of an outfit and change the color of it (seen at 0:29 - 0:31).

Tribulation42602d ago

The slots say: Name
and Voice.

On the Second part that is simply changing the color to the android costume.

Tribulation42602d ago

Look at all of the created characters none of them have an original costume.

RockmanII72603d ago

If the game is well received and Namco makes a sequel, I'd like to see a Villain mode where you pick fights with the hero's.

Skate-AK2603d ago

Wow this is looking a lot better than most people and I expected. Lots of games coming out in October but this just justified a Day 1 purchase.