12 New Uncharted: Golden Abyss Screenshots

New images of Uncharted: Golden Abyss have been added to the game's newly launched Japanese website.

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MasterCornholio2631d ago

No gaming portable on the market is even close to producing the visuals that the Vita is capable of. The Vita is truly a Next Generation Portable and the best part about it is that not only is the tech incredible but the games as well. Looks like Sony really cares about the core and our wallets by giving us what we want.

darthv722630d ago

console level quality graphics. Shame that sony isnt putting tv out on this thing. It could double as console when at home as well as on the go.

Perhaps in a future revision to the hardware. After all, the first psp didnt have tv out but the subsequent models did. I like playing my GO on the tv and then taking it with me. A great idea that others had tried (Sega: nomad) but sony has the prowess to make it work right.

norman292630d ago

Why would you want TV out? if your going to play it through a TV get a console, its a portable games device for a reason.

Hairy Chewie2630d ago

So you don't want the OPTION to play your vita on a big screen? It would have been good if future me had the choice to plug my vita in to my PC monitor and chill at my desk.

darthv722630d ago

Its ok hairy. He has a valid point. It is after all a portable.

Norman: sony has tv out on their existing psp line with the exception of the original. There was a reason they put it in the revisions because of its ability to play back different media types. Hell even cell phones are coming out with a tv out option.

The ipads and other tablets have tv out. You would be surprised at the quality they can produce. Even my psp go is not that bad on an SDTV but it can be a bit of a stretch when viewed on an HDTV.

The go offers many conveniences that will likely be updated for the vita. Such as being able to use a bluetooth controller. When I put the go on the docking station I like being able to kick back and play some psp games on the tv. It just add to the flexibility of the unit. With the updated power of the vita I can see them having a great upscaling chip to accommodate people like myself.

I can imagine placing the vita on a docking station and picking up a ds3 to play this new UC game on a big screen. The vita upscales the image to a default 720p resolution and you can do all the social media stuff and watch movies and surf the web.

Yeah...just like a console but with one extra feature. You can take it with you when you want to. So I can see from the disagrees that many have either never tried to play a psp on the tv or feel that it would cut into the console market if they did. To be honest....I dont really know what it would do but the vita and ps3 can certainly compliment each other more than hinder.

kcuthbertson2630d ago

Who would disagree lol..they're like 2.5 inches

MaxXAttaxX2630d ago

True. The actual resolution is almost 3 times larger than these pics.

chaldo2630d ago


And Nathan Drake is still a sexy beast.

GunofthePatriots2630d ago

Sony will take over the handheld market this generation

xtremexx2630d ago

these are really really, small,

chaldo2630d ago

Don't talk about your dick like that bro :(

ambientFLIER2630d ago

He said "they". He could be talking about his testicles or something else entirely, but not his penis.

chaldo2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

woops commented twice on accident. feel free to disagree :)

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