Hey RPG Fans, You Might Want To Check Out Dead Island

After a roundtable discussion a few days ago, it's pretty obvious that Techland has created something like an action/RPG.

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fluffydelusions2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

I heard the guys at IGN were liking this game also. They said it's like fallout with zombies. I will wait for reviews and if it's good I'll buy it. BTW, the IGN video is up on YT if anyone wants to check it out.

Angrymorgan2697d ago

Thanks buddy, I'll check it out

DanSolo2697d ago

It seems a bit like Borderlands to me which could be a good thing... but the term "Fallout with Zombies" definitely sounds good!

MysticStrummer2697d ago

I'd put it the exact opposite way... Fallout with zombies could be a good thing, but Borderlands with zombies definitely sounds good. I didn't enjoy F3 as much as many did. I finished the game but had no desire to buy DLC or a sequel. On the other hand I couldn't get enough of Borderlands, bought all the DLC, and will buy Borderlands 2 on day one. Either way, I'm interested in Dead Island. It should provide some fun co-op action at the very least.